YouTube Mistakenly Deleted Conservative Channels, or So They Say

But why should we believe the channels were mistakenly deleted when the mistake is only made in one direction?

YouTube claims that disappeared video channels were mistakenly deleted.

These “mistakes” are interesting.

We never see YouTube making these “mistakes” with Antifa, Social Justice, or Black Lives Matter channels. They only happen to the Right. They may have accidentally “pulled the trigger”–to use what I hope is just a metaphor—but they have demonstrated that they have a gun in place that is already aimed at conservatives and not liberals.

So this reveals what Silicon Valley culture wants everyone to think is normal and what they want everyone to think is extreme.

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It also reveals they are control freaks. Can you imagine a stationery store trying to police what messages its customers wrote on their paper?

Bloomberg reports, “YouTube’s New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels.

YouTube’s new moderators, brought in to spot fake, misleading and extreme videos, stumbled in one of their first major tests, mistakenly removing some clips and channels in the midst of a nationwide debate on gun control.

The Google division said in December it would assign more than 10,000 people to moderate content after a year of scandals over fake and inappropriate content on the world’s largest video site.

In the wake of the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, some YouTube moderators mistakenly removed several videos and some channels from right-wing, pro-gun video producers and outlets.

Some YouTube channels recently complained about their accounts being pulled entirely. On Wednesday, the Outline highlighted accounts, including Titus Frost, that were banned from the video site. […] Jerome Corsi of right-wing conspiracy website Infowars said on Tuesday that YouTube had taken down one of his videos and disabled his live stream.

Shutting entire channels would have marked a sweeping policy change for YouTube, which typically only removes channels in extreme circumstances and focuses most disciplinary action on specific videos. But YouTube said some content was taken down by mistake.

Read the entire story.

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