Your Local Library is Likely Indoctrinating Kids with Radical Gay Propaganda

Local libraries everywhere are pushing the radical gay agenda on library visitors, including and especially children.

The newest trend for local libraries all across the country is to invite drag queens to read “story time” books to your little children. But even without the drag queen programs, local libraries everywhere are pushing the radical gay agenda on library visitors, including and especially on your children.

NBC News recently reported on the phenomenon with a report that a gay advocate Youtuber has partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library to push “Queer Kid Stuff” on the library chain’s young visitors.

“The collaboration was one of the latest examples of a public library partnering up with members of the LGBTQ community to help create more inclusive and welcoming spaces within its library system,” NBC happily chirped.

From Brooklyn to Wichita, librarians are helping foster acceptance and understanding through programming aimed at educating both children and adults about diversity, identity and inclusivity

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“Librarians in a public, out-of-school setting have the opportunity to create a welcoming space for all the students and families in a community,” said Becca Mui, education manager at GLSEN, a national organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students.

“Librarians themselves can be role models and advocates by using inclusive language, interrupting anti-LGBTQ comments and implementing inclusive programming,” Mui added.

Leigh Hurwitz is the outreach librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library and helped plan the recent live show of Queer Kid Stuff.

“We really strive to be a space that welcomes everyone,” Hurwitz said. “I want to make sure [the library] is a welcoming space and also an informed space.”

Hurwitz said it is important for libraries to both serve as a source of knowledge for the community and to also look to the community for knowledge creation.

The story also noted that libraries in Oregon, Iowa, and other cities are pushing the radical gay ideology and drag queen story hours on the community.

So, keep an eye on your own public library. You may find that they are planning such events, too. Or, you may find they have already been doing it for some time.

It is just another way that liberals are using your tax dollars to push the radical gay agenda on our children.

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