Young High School Student has had Enough – Demands Classmates Respect our Flag!

We recently came across a social media posting form a young man from New Jersey who is sick and tired of the disrespect shown by his classmates during the Pledge of Allegiance each morning at school. His name is Daniel, and he’s tried to mind his own business, but he’s finally reached a boiling point and felt like he had to say something. So he did. He posted a note publicly on his social media profile, and it very quickly got a big response – both positive and negative.

Read what he had to say:

Ok I’ve thought about positing this for a few days but I really can’t stand it anymore I’m just going to say it. Criticize me if you will!

It hurts me, disgusts me and disrespects me as an American how numerous people in my school do not stand up for 1 minute for the pledge of allegiance because they believe America is wrong.

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pledge-of-allegiance-in-schoolFirst of all, even if America is evil I as a citizen of this country and stand in respect of this nation that has provided me and my family with a lot of things no other country on this earth provides.

America the beautiful and grand provides me with Freedom.
America protects my future, my home and my rights.
America provides the opportunity for great education, health care and opportunities that are not seen anywhere else in this world.

I believe in heaven and I’m almost positive that America and its wonderful people are examples.

Second of all of all I’m not even a natural citizen and I love this country. Politics aside I ask you to think about the things that America gives you.

To those who do not stand up, hey you are free to not stand up and you have the complete right to but I also have the right to write this about the disrespect you exhibit. The flag I stand and Pledge my utmost loyalty to give you the right to be who you are. People sometimes just take things for gratitude and can not see how much this country gives you it disappoints me as a free human being and as an American.

And you probably know whom you are and are embarrassed to call yourself an American when you don’t even take 1 minute to salute this nation.
Honestly, Shame On You….

P.S Studies have shown that sitting is one of the unhealthiest things to do so get up more and learn the word respect!




So what do you think? Is Daniel right? Are the kids of America today far too disrespectful to our Pledge, our Flag and our nation?

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