You Won’t Believe Whom CNN Said Was the REAL Target in French Church Terror Attack

Okay now try to get this. According to CNN’s terrorist analyst the two Islamist terrorist animals who decapitated a Catholic Priest in a French church on Tuesday did not do their horrible deed because, like elsewhere in the world, they target infidels. Nope, this genius believes that the ISIS sub-humans who slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel Tuesday was trying to anger Christians into attacking Muslims which will help with ISIS recruitment. Of course that doesn’t explain the ISIS massacres of Christians in other countries.

I bet that this terrorism expert also believes in the tooth fairy, monsters in his closet, and that Obamacare will reduce medical costs.

My colleague Joe Newby picks up the story:

As we reported Tuesday, two knife-wielding ISIS terrorists attacked a Catholic church in France, killing a priest by slitting his throat and gravely wounding a nun said to be fighting for her life.  But, CNN said Tuesday, the real target wasn’t the Christian church, but Muslims.

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CNN terror analyst Paul Cruickshank explained…

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