You Won’t Believe How One Georgia Mom Chose to Discipline Her Disrespectful Son!

Sure, every parent has to deal with disrespect from their child at one point or another, but most parents probably don’t decide that they need local police to help them get their son to finally listen. Well, one mom in Georgia said she had to do something dramatic to shock her son into obedience because nothing else was working!

Chiquita Hill said her 10-year old son Sean was acting out in school and had already been disciplined for his behavior several different times. When the teacher told her that, once again, Sean was being “rude and disrespectful, not listening, talking back, not doing his school work,” Ms. Hill decided enough was enough. “I knew I had to do something to shock him,” the young boys mother told ABC News.

So Hill took out her phone and called the Columbus Police Department to ask for help. After explaining what she was dealing with the local police agreed to come out to try and help. Officers soon arrived and explained to Sean that they were arresting him for his behavior. They put him in handcuffs and sat him in the backseat of the police car for several minutes.

“[Sean] didn’t believe me. … When they showed up to the door, that’s when it hit him. Everything happened so fast. He didn’t have time to react to anything. … He was scared,” Hill said.

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While the local police department has issued a statement saying that while they are not reprimanding the officers for taking part, they are discouraging this kind of behavior in the future. However, Ms. Hill says that the little drama is already paying dividends, Sean’s teacher called her last Thursday with nothing but “wonderful reports” for Sean’s behavior in class.


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