You Won’t Believe How Much Corporate Donors Have Given to Hillary

Hillary Clinton talks a good game about corporations and their one-percenter executives. She says they make too much money, and they need to be taxed more to spread their wealth around to the poor and middle class.

But if their income were capped and/or taxed at an exorbitantly high rate, how would Hillary Clinton bring in the dough for her campaign against capitalism? Breitbart reported:

A report by The Wall Street Journal found that out of the $36 million corporate employees donated to presidential campaigns, $31 million of those dollars went to Clinton.  In other words, 86 percent of corporate donors backed Clinton.

The Center for Responsive Politics provided the data and covers only donations over $200.  The donations were recorded over a three-month period from May to July 2016.

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At the same point in the election in 2012, Mitt Romney received 62 percent of the money from that same group of corporate donors, The Hill reported.

“It’s no shock that Americans ranging from union members to CEOs agree that somebody as temperamentally unstable and unfit for the presidency as Donald Trump should not have his hands on our economy,” Josh Schwerin, a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign said.

Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman, did not seem disturbed by the trend.

Mnuchin said Clinton’s had an advantage among corporate donors because her “major focus has been doing high-dollar fundraisers and cozying up to big business.”

“We have not cozied up to big donors the way she has,” Mnuchin said to WSJ.

In fact, Trump’s campaign has had more appeal among small donors, with 64 percent of his July total coming from donations of $200 or less, the report said.

The Journal reported at the end of July on each candidate’s Wall Street donations. At that time, they had reported that Hillary Clinton had the backing of hedge fund owners and employees. She had received about $48.5 million in financial support from them. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The top five contributors to pro-Clinton groups are employees or owners of private investment funds.”

That’s a lot of support coming from a group of people that Hillary claims to hate. The entire time she’s been campaigning, she’s railed against hedge fund managers and how unfair it is that they make so much money, but pay less in taxes than kindergarten teachers or bus drivers. “Hillary Clinton has the toughest plan to reform Wall Street, clean up the abuses…and close the carried-interest [tax] loophole that benefits hedge funds,” a Hillary campaign spokesman said.

At the time, the Journal had reported that Donald Trump brought in a measly $19,000 from Wall Street.

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