You Might be Surprised How Many Gun-Related Accidental Deaths There Are in Children

If you have listened to any debate, or seen posts on Facebook or Twitter from Hillary Clinton, then you know she is completely against the 2nd amendment. She has even stated that she believes the supreme court is wrong on the 2nd amendment and that she will do everything she can to change that.

Her biggest reasoning? Children. Hillary Clinton’s favorite line to push on why we should not have guns is because she is an “advocate” for children and families, and guns are simply “too dangerous.” She preaches that accidental gun shot deaths are at a record high and that without them, America will be a much safer land. Never mind the 8 million babies she advocates to be aborted every year.

Here is a tweet from the NRA showing the accidental death statistics from 2014 among children. If you look closely, you will see that gun-related deaths are…

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