“You Can’t Stump the Trump!”

Donald Trump recently connected with some of his biggest fans on the 4chan.org website which has become a controversial meeting place for denizens of the interwebz. 4Chan is thought to be the birthplace of the online hacker community Anonymous, and it is also a place where a lot of disconcerting conversation and interactions take place on the web. 4Chan does have its redeeming qualities too, but those don’t get nearly the amount of attention that the negative aspects do.

Some users on the 4chan politics message board recently began trumpeting their support for Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, which Trump, ever the masterful public relations expert, proudly embraced. Trump’s decision to embrace his 4chan supporters has gotten their regular users very excited and he may have even won some more converts to his cause because of it.

One of his fans even made an incredible video compiling Trump’s best debate moments, which the candidate happily retweeted.

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Other 4Chan users also tried to get Trump’s attention with their own fan art.

I think this Trump character may secretly be a genius.

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