Yale Sues State Over Block on Gender Neutral Batrooms

Yale University is suing the state of Connecticut after they put in a bid to turn single-sex bathrooms into gender neutral, rather than specifically male or female.

The illustrious school is furious that the Connecticut government denied them permission to flip the bathrooms, so they have filed an appeal to the state’s Superior Court.

The school claims they want to make the bathrooms gender neutral to  accommodate the LGBT community on campus. However, when they do that, they alienate the rest of the students.

It is not safe for restrooms to be gender neutral unless they are literally a single stall restroom that is for use of one person at a time. When toilets are open to anyone at anytime, that also creates open doors for sexual assaults.

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Heatstreet reports:

The state’s building code instructs all buildings to have a certain number of bathrooms labelled by gender. According to the current laws, if Yale decides to list all single-gender bathrooms as gender neutral, the school will have to build additional gender-exclusive bathrooms.

The university is arguing in the lawsuit that the school has no space for the new single-gender bathrooms and claims that a relief from the building code would help transgender people to use the bathroom.

I find it interesting that Yale has been around since October 9, 1701 and this is suddenly a problem. Perhaps they should create a therapy for these mentally ill people who are so confused about their gender that they do not even know which restroom to use, rather than put every other person’s safety in jeopardy.

A spokesman for Democrat Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy told Reuters that Yale’s appeal is likely to be successful.

“We stand firmly with Yale in their effort to create a more welcoming campus,” she said. “This has been a priority for Governor Malloy’s administration and, now that this issue has been brought to our attention, we are prepared to work with Yale toward a solution.”

The Ivy League university has decided to turn all bathrooms into gender neutral toilets after a progressive student group, OutLaws, successfully campaigned for the change and received a support from 25 other organizations in the state.

Rachel Luban, a member of the student group, told the Yale Daily News: “This feels important to me because it’s so basic — we want to use the bathroom in peace, without worrying about being late or running far afield just to pee.”

I hope they lose and I hope they lose hard! This is senseless and ridiculous. They need to stick to educating and leave political correctness out of it.

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