Wyoming Representative Says Rand Paul is the Best Candidate for 2016!

Wyoming only has one representative in the House. Her name is Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and she represents every single citizen of Wyoming in Washington, D.C. That being the case, she may be the most scrutinized Congressperson in the government, which means she probably didn’t write her most recent op-ed lightly.

Lummis recently took up her pen to author a stirring argument for her fellow Republicans to support Rand Paul as the next GOP candidate for President.


Over at Breitbart.com she writes:

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is the Republican presidential candidate best positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton. By championing both economic and personal liberty, he inspires a conservative coalition more diverse than the group that elected Ronald Reagan.

In recent years, Democrats have implemented unsustainable big government policies and then hidden behind Republicans over expanded social programs that America simply cannot afford. For their part, Republicans failed to stand firm and defend the conservative case for more freedom and less government intrusion in our healthcare and our households. What a waste.

Too many conservatives have diluted core principles of self-reliance and local control in hopes of appealing to a broader audience. Simply put: conservatives have kowtowed to the left. That deference opened the door for the liberal promises of more free stuff that emerged victorious for President Obama in 2012.

With the liberal battle cry of “lean on the government” and no strong counter argument from the right, in the last Presidential election over 90 million disinterested citizens failed to even submit a ballot…

RandPaul1To win back the White House in 2016, Republicans cannot not settle for a candidate with a watered-down platform and flexible principles. Republicans must nominate a candidate capable of energizing those both inside and outside of the base.

Senator Paul has proven to be that candidate. He has excited traditional and nontraditional Republican voters alike by proposing what would be the largest tax cut in our nation’s history.

Be sure to read the rest of her argument over at Breitbart.com.


Long time readers of Eagle Rising are likely aware of my affinity for Rand Paul. I’ve written in his defense and in support of him in the past on these very pages. However, I think it bears repeating and so I want to offer my agreement with the words written by Rep. Lummis. I believe that Rand Paul would be the single biggest threat against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Senator Paul is one of the most conservative members of Congress, yet he has the deep and abiding support of many in the libertarian community as well. He is also the candidate who consistently polls the best (among the GOP) with the black community because Paul has already done much to earn their support.

Beyond that, I also believe that Senator Paul offers the best vision, going forward, for America in terms of domestic issues. None of the other candidates are as fiscally conservative or as vocally opposed to cronyism and government waste! Many will argue that Senator Paul’s greatest fault may be his views on foreign policy and to them I say… perhaps. But his desire to keep our money here and to stop supporting corrupt regimes overseas must mitigate his other views somewhat?

None of the candidates is perfect, but for my money, I agree with Rep. Lummis. Rand Paul is our best bet.

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