Is it Wrong to Call Obama Gay and say Michelle is a Transgender?

Joan Rivers stepped into it big time. She said that President Obama is Gay and Michelle is Transgender.

A cameraman asked Joan Rivers if the United States will ever elect a gay president or a woman president.

“’We already have it with Obama [that he’s gay], so let’s just calm down.’

“But she didn’t stop there: It’s what she said next that’s caused particular outrage.

“As Rivers continued walking past, she turned her head and added, ‘You know Michelle is a tranny.’

“The cameraman responded, ‘I’m sorry, she’s a what?’

“’A transgender. We all know,’ Rivers said as she walked toward a building.”

So what if President Obama is a homosexual. What does it matter to liberals who believe same-sexuality is a gift from God? They should be praising Joan Rivers.

If gay is so good and equal to heterosexuality, then what does it matter to the Left that Obama is gay? According to Leftist poll numbers, most Americans believe that being gay is no big deal. They wouldn’t mind one bit that their children grew up to have sex with and marry someone of the same sex, at least that’s what we’re being told.

I thought gay was OK. Burger King said so with its gay Whopper. There are gay pride parades in every major US city. “I’m out and proud,” they say.

It seems to me that Joan Rivers did the entire homosexual community a big favor.

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