Wow. Watch as Ted Cruz Engages an Angry Iowa Farmer and Wins a Supporter


One of the heaviest weights that Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) has been lugging around Iowa has been his resolute stand against ethanol subsidies. The federal subsidies for Iowa corn farmers is massive, and farmers across the state have grown accustomed to having the money dropped in their bank accounts each year. So Cruz’s stand has made him a somewhat controversial figure among some Iowa voters; however, the Senator has refused to change his view just to win a few more votes. This kind of honest and consistent approach is beginning to win converts to the cause… even among those Iowa farmers who would be most affected.

On a recent stop along the Iowa campaign trail Senator Cruz was confronted by an Iowa farmer who was angry that Cruz was fighting to end the ethanol subsidies. Senator Cruz allowed the man to speak his mind, giving him as much time as he needed to argue his point, express his concerns, and release the emotion that he was feeling.

Then Senator Cruz began to explain, gently and winsomely, why he was against all federal subsidies (not just ethanol, but all of them). He explained that from a conservative perspective the ethanol subsidies were actually hurting the American economy and the very Iowa farmers who had come to rely upon them.

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By the end of the conversation, the farmer has not only cooled off, but actually tells the Senator that he hopes Cruz wins the nomination and the election!

The YouTuber who posted the video had some personal commentary that he added explaining just how remarkable the situation was:

In this really remarkable video, Ted Cruz is accosted by an angry farmer about his plan to phase out subsidies, and Cruz gives him as much time as it takes to get him to say, “well I hope the farmers vote for you” by the end of the exchange.

You can sense how angry the farmer is, but Cruz employs his impressively deep knowledge of the subject to explain calmly why his policies will HELP farmers, even though he’ll phase out the government subsidy. Maybe the farmer was just being nice at the end, but he went from total anger to a pretty calm and accepting position, all due to Cruz’s engaging arguments.
Now ask yourself – do you think you’d get that kind of understanding out of Trump?
And wouldn’t you LOVE to see Hillary try to debate with Cruz?

I wholeheartedly agree.

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