Wounded Warrior and Triple Amputee Blasts Disgracing of Memorial Day


Wounded Warrior and REAL American hero Brian Kolfage has penned a scathing op-ed about the callous way Americans have allowed Memorial Day to become just another excuse to party. Kolfage has a right to speak out because he himself is a former service member who has suffered greatly for his nation and her people. Kolfage was on his second deployment during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 when, on September 11th, the base he was at came under attack. A rocket shell burst just feet from him wounding him severely… so severely, in fact, that Senior Airman Kolfage is now known as the most severely injured US Airman to ever survive his wounds.

Brian Kolfage is a true American Hero and a man who has earned the right to speak and the respect to be heard. Listen to his message on the importance of Memorial Day.

MEMORIAL DAY- I’m extremely disgusted with what Americans have turned Memorial Day into.

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It’s now just another ‘holiday’ to profit and sell things. It is a day where we should honor the dead who died defending our freedom, instead we have turned it into a full-blown shopping bonanza that mimics Black Friday.

Is this really how our veterans would have wanted it? TV commercials blasting sales of their products, vaguely and usually never mentioning anything to do with our veterans who died, all to push products and profits up? Are we this greedy?

How and why are we allowing this huge injustice and slap across the face of every veteran who laid down their lives to even happen?

Think about it. Turn your TV on and listen to the messages that is being told. It’s all to sell crap that doesn’t benefit any Gold Star family, veterans, and doesn’t raise awareness for the main problems that these groups face today.

Instead of using this ‘holiday’ to raise awareness and help other veterans, we have all allowed it to go down the drain and straight into the dumpster…


Read the rest of Kolfage’s essay on Memorial Day

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