Would Kaine Have Defended Andrea Yates Who Drowned Her 5 Kids, as Long as a Doctor ‘Approved’ It?

I confess I listened to the soundbite contest Tuesday night between the two major party running mates. A subject that particularly caught my attention was abortion. Both men used Scripture verses to bolster their positions. Governor Mike Pence brought up a verse from Jeremiah: “Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you.”

Senator Tim Kaine responded in non-sequitur form, bringing up a passage from the Gospels – and the Proverbs – “from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.” It had nothing to do with abortion. He was trying to use that to show that all the things that Trump has said over the past year – about Mexicans and women and all that – were evidence that that’s what Trump really believes. An interesting comment coming from a politician. [And how can you tell when a politician is lying?]

His retort had nothing to do with abortion, but when he did get back around to the issue, he made his opinion [somewhat] clear. Kaine said that he is personally pro-life, but that he doesn’t want the government to interfere with a woman’s “reproductive choices.” That’s one of those phrases they use to describe the murder of an unborn – or partially born – baby. As long as they shroud murder as a “reproductive choice” pertaining to a woman’s “reproductive health,” it’s perfectly socially acceptable.

“Why don’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves?” Kaine asked Pence. “I think you should live your moral values, but the last thing, the very last thing, the government should do, is have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices,” Kaine opined. “And that is the fundamental difference between a Clinton-Kaine ticket and a Trump-Pence ticket that wants to punish women.”

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Kaine added that when a woman is faced with a pregnancy, the decision to terminate it should be up to the mother, her doctor, and her “minister.”

I wonder if Senator Kaine would be okay with punishing someone like Andrea Yates, who drowned her five kids in the bathtub. Perhaps the only technicality missing from that case was the approval of a doctor. If she had convinced a doctor that her kids needed to be euthanized, because they were driving her mad, then it would have been okay, right? It would have been for the “health of the mother.”

Liberals like Kaine argue from the position that while they might be personally opposed to abortion, they’ll uphold the law by allowing it. Imagine someone voicing the same position regarding slavery. “I’m personally opposed to slavery, but since the law allows it, I’ll defend it. I just won’t own any slaves myself.”

Maybe we should ask the same question of liberals regarding abortion that they asked of Trump regarding his tax deductions. We know it’s legal. But should it be?

Of course it shouldn’t be. It’s murder.

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