Would Democrats Impeach Trump Over Retweeting a Meme? Yes.

In setting up the paperwork so that Democrats can impeach Trump, these Congressman get truly ridiculous.

In the effort to impeach Trump, any pretext will do. So, in addition to their other excuses, six Democrats claim that tweeting a video in which Donald Trump thrashes someone else at a wrestling meet with the CNN logo inserted over the loser’s head deserves impeachment. It was hilarious, and it was not unethical or illegal in any way.

The Democrats are preaching Republican subservience to Democrat media companies as a condition for remaining President.

The Washington Times reports, “Democrats introduce articles of impeachment against Trump.

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The accusations of obstruction of justice over his dealings with Mr. Comey are not new, and are reportedly part of the probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Democrats also say Mr. Trump is violating the Constitution because his business empire is collecting money from government agencies for services performed — such as the Secret Service renting golf carts on Trump properties.

That behavior is similar to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden […].

Democrats also said Mr. Trump was guilty of trying to subvert the First Amendment by being mean to the press, including linking online to a video showing himself wrestling a man covered in a CNN logo.

Read the entire Washington Times story.

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