“The Worst Political Ad Ever?”

Bloomberg News thinks they’ve done it!

Bloomberg News has uncovered what they believe to be “the Worst Campaign Ad that Human Beings Actually Paid for this Year.”

The ad was produced by the Terri Lynn Land campaign in Michigan and focuses on her opponent Democrat Gary Peters. It’s called “Gary Peters Loan Sharknado” and it is glorious… (in the worst way possible)…

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Bloomberg tries to unravel the ugly…

Where to start with this ad? There’s the animation, which puts Peters’ head on the body of the Hawaiian Punch man, who moves with the grace of a broken pixel. There’s the narration, which sounds like the work of a man wracked with embarrassment about what he’s come to. There’s the Sharknado theme, which was a meme last year and is currently as played out as “Keep Calm and [Verb]” T-shirts.

That theme grows directly out of a Washington Free Beacon story about Peters from this summer. The WFB has become an underrated player in Senate races. When Republicans like Thom Tillis started browbeating Democrats for skipping Senate hearings, they were citing the WFB. When Republicans like Cory Gardner and Joni Ernst attacked their opponents over their hypocritical “pay gaps,” they were citing the WFB.

But the products of “combat journalism” need not be as chintzy as this “Sharknado” spot. 

Look, the Land campaign is in a tough spot, and while the specifics of the ad may not be perfectly expressed… Gary Peters is a liberal Democrat who will waste our money sure as the sun is going to shine. The Sharknado of debt being laid at Gary Peters’ feet may be a bit unfair, but it’s not an unreasonable connection to make.

Really, it’s just awesome that someone finally made the connection between the Sharknado movie and a politician!

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