Workers NOT Politicians Finally End Union Stranglehold in Alabama

Folks, there is a very good reason that the vast majority of American workers are today “anti-Union”. It’s because the unions have morphed from a productive tool that worked good in the lives of average American workers to a vampire that sucks the life out of the American economy. This has not been the fault of the American worker though union members have played a role in hurting their own cause by continuing to give their money and support to the very unions making their jobs obsolete. The real fault however lies with the unions who have perpetrated a con upon the very people they were supposed to be protecting – they promised money, benefits, easier hours and more work but those things were all short-lived. The union “dog” bit the proverbial “hand that was feeding it”… the businesses  who employed their union members. 

By squeezing the employers of every penny they could the unions sabotaged our nation’s economy and has cost our people (and their own union members) THOUSANDS of jobs… 

Because of all of this and the fact that unions are also constantly exerting their influence on politics by only supporting liberal candidates (even though half the country votes Republican) workers all over the country have begun rising up and throwing of the yoke of union control. Alabama is the latest to do so…

In a fourth attempt to decertify the United Autoworkers (UAW) union, workers at NTN-Bower Corporation in Alabama voted to rid themselves of the UAW Friday.

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unions_soldoutAlthough the official tally has yet to be released, sources tell The Daily Caller News Foundation that workers voted 82 to 50 to decertify the United Autoworkers. Previous decertification elections were deemed invalid, resulting in workers having to hold a fourth round.

In the last election, though the UAW won the vote, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRTW) alleged that the union manipulated the ballot in its favor. After an official complaint, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) agreed to allow a fourth vote.

NRTW is helping to represent Ginger Estes, the employee who filed for the decertification election.

“Even though 139 workers voted in the third election out of the 140 eligible, 148 ballots were cast,” the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation claimed in a statement.

Prior to that, the NLRB found the second election invalid because they claim the company was acting unfairly toward the union. As they noted, “two days before the second election, Plant Manager Rufus McMillan held a series of captive audience meetings, which were attended by the entire workforce.”

“The credited testimony of multiple witnesses establishes that during these meetings, McMillan repeatedly told employees that Hamilton was the Employer’s only unionized facility, that employees at the plant had not received a raise in over a year, and that employees at the Macomb, Illinois facility made more money than they did,” the NLRB also noted. “The hearing officer found that McMillan’s comments constituted an implied promise of higher pay if employees decertified the Union.”

After the third election, Estes began leading some of her colleagues in rallies against the union. She argued that the workers wanted the union to leave.

The UAW has represented employees at the NTN-Bower plant since 1976. The decertification petition was filed with the NLRB on May 22, 2013.

The UAW had not returned DCNF requests for comment at the time of this article’s publishing.




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