You Won’t Believe the Latest Obama Administration Lie

Now the Obama administration is just mocking us, aren’t they? They have to be playing some kind of silly prank. It’s the only answer to the latest twist in the IRS Scandal saga.

The IRS is under intense scrutiny for apparently bringing its power to bear on innocent conservative citizens, who were targeted for extra IRS scrutiny simply for their political beliefs. For almost a year and a half the Obama administration has been saying, “There is nothing to see here, folks. This is a ‘phony’ scandal.”

Well, this phony scandal is starting to look more like a conspiracy by the government to commit fraud on the American people. (If this was a criminal case – Benghazi, the IRS, and the VA scandals would all come together to show a PATTERN of illegal and malicious behavior by the Obama administration.)

2yearsThe IRS is now telling Congress, and the special committee investigating the IRS scandal, that they have “lost” years of Lois Lerner’s emails. The emails in question are from the two year period Congress is most interested in understanding what was happening at the IRS.

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I know what you’re thinking. “They should’ve called my kids to get a good excuse… or at least a believable one.”

Congress has been asking for these emails for over a year – and now they’re lost? Weird.

Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) who is heading up the IRS investigation had this to say about the news, ”The fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable and now calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to congressional inquiries.” Indeed.

CNN’s John King has the perfect response to the idea that Lois Lerner’s emails could have just “disappeared.”

It is absurd. In the days of our modern technology the idea that a government official as important as Lois Lerner could “lose” two years of emails that just happen to be part of the most important Congressional investigation in years (though the investigations into Benghazi and the VA Scandal may soon rival it) is patently ridiculous. The government has the most advanced data gathering technology the world has ever seen – in fact, shouldn’t the NSA have all of this data on their servers somewhere? (I’m kidding, but they do…)

Former CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has the questions that Congress should be asking now.

According to the House Ways and Means Committee, the IRS reports having “lost” former IRS manager Lois Lerner’s emails to and from other IRS employees sent between January of 2009 and April of 2011 due to a ‘computer crash.’

In light of the disclosure, these are some of the logical requests that should be made of the IRS:

  • Please provide a timeline of the crash and documentation covering when it was first discovered and by whom; when, how and by whom it was learned that materials were lost; the official documentation reporting the crash and federal data loss; documentation reflecting all attempts to recover the materials; and the remediation records documenting the fix. This material should include the names of all officials and technicians involved, as well as all internal communications about the matter.
  • Please provide all documents and emails that refer to the crash from the time that it happened through the IRS’ disclosure to Congress Friday that it had occurred.
  • Please provide documentation showing the steps taken to recover the material, and the names of all technicians who attempted the recovery.
  • Please explain why redundancies required for federal systems were either not used or were not effective in restoring the lost materials, and provide documentation showing how this shortfall has been remediated.
  • Please provide any documents reflecting an investigation into how the crash resulted in the irretrievable loss of federal data and what factors were found to be responsible for the existence of this situation.
  • I would also ask for those who discovered and reported the crash to testify under oath, as well as any officials who reported the materials as having been irretrievably lost.


(Attkisson has several other important questions (and comments) that are well worth your time to read.)

The Obama Administration has turned our nation into a banana republic – where the government simply reacts to every new problem with whatever solution they find at hand. We no longer have the right to a just and honest representation, and the people that we have elected now act as our betters. The bureaucracy cushions our politicians from the blows of scandal and our watchdog media has instead become a lapdog media.

If justice is not served in these scandals – then “the social contract” that politicians and government supporters love to crow about has been broken. We’ve kept up our end; it’s our government who has broken the contract. Which means we are duty bound to tear down that government and to build a new one.

We want justice in the IRS Scandal. And we want it now.

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