I Won’t Apologize for Being Born White

There’s a new fascist trend in America.

It’s called the “UnFair Campaign” that attacks a thing called white privilege. If you’re white, there are certain privileges that come with it and as a result being white is unfair to people who aren’t white.

I assume there’s China privilege in China and Japanese privilege in Japan. And most likely among Hispanic people, there’s a bit of Hispanic privilege.

irishHelp wanted signs often included, “Irish Need Not Apply.”
It was so bad that a prominent Irish family got one of its own elected to the presidency of the United States and created a political dynasty. Math test scores among the Chinese are some of the highest in the nation.

When my grandparents were in Italy, they were linked into Italian privilege because they were Italian. When they immigrated to America, that privilege went away. They were Wops and Dagos.

My mother overhead one of our neighbors tell her daughter not to date “that Dago” she was seeing. My grandparents barely spoke English. They were very poor. It didn’t stop their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren from becoming successful. Of course, we were white.

My father served in the military and got his leg blown off in the Korean War. Did he complain about “two-legged privilege”?

No. He did the best he could with what he had.

Equality is a myth. Some people are prettier than others. Some are stronger and taller. We all have different types and degrees of talent.

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