Women Abused, Tortured and Raped by the Muslim Monsters at ISIS

NBC has a horrifying story about the horrible abuse that the ISIS terrorists are doling out upon the non-Muslim Yazidis of Syria and Iraq.

As NBC explains, more than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls have been taken captive by ISIS in northern Iraq and some 2,000 of them are still being traded as slaves in ISIS controlled territory. All of the stories escaping the ISIS horror-show are heartbreaking, but some of them are particularly stomach churning — like the story of 23-year old “Aveen” who escaped from ISIS just recently.

“They took young girls, seven, nine and 10 years old,” said Aveen, whose name has been changed and face hidden to protect her identity.

The women and children were held in a school where, she said, the guards would come at night to take away women and rape them.

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Aveen said she spent most of her time with ISIS in Raqqa, held by a fighter who raped and beat her repeatedly. 

Human rights activist Khider Domle told NBC that the horrifying tale is par for the course among those who have been enslaved by the ISIS terrorists.

“Every time a woman escapes we learn more about how they are using Yazidi women. Some are sold for weapons, or for just $10, or 10 cigarettes,” Domle told NBC. He continued saying that these women were usually traded three or four times as fighters moved to different areas of the ISIS controlled region and were forced to leave the women behind.

 We’ve also learned that much like the sociopaths and psychopaths that many of these barbarians are, they enjoy terrorizing both their captives and their families. Some of the ISIS fighters have been known to send pictures of the slaves back to their families in an effort to elicit ransom or sometimes just to taunt them.

How much more evidence does one need to prove the depravity and the monstrosity of the Islamic State?

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