Woman who Cut Baby from Mother’s Womb will Face No Punishment for the Child’s Death


There are moments when the disgusting injustices that still plague our nation rear their ugly head. In Colorado, one of the most disturbing examples of that injustice has just played itself out. Last year, Dynel Lane lured pregnant mother Michelle Wilkins to her home, assaulted her, then cut her 34-week old baby out of her womb.

Authorities were able to convict Lane of attempted first-degree murder, along with a handful of other criminal counts. However, they were not able to charge her with committing a crime against the baby, Aurora Wilkins, because Colorado law says that a baby is not a person until they take their first breath outside the womb.

On Friday, Lane was sentenced to 100 years in prison for her assault and attempted murder of Michelle Wilkins, but she faces no penalty for the horrible crimes she committed against poor, defenseless Aurora.

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Chief District Judge Maria Berkenkotter sentenced Dynel Lane to 100 years in prison for beating Wilkins unconscious and cutting her 7-month-old fetus from her body.

The details that weighed heaviest in Berkenkotter’s decision weren’t the things that Lane did. They were the things that Michelle Wilkins never got to do.

District Attorney Stan Garnett’s voice shook when he described the first words Wilkins never got to hear.

Aurora’s parents will never get to scoop her off a grocery store floor during a tantrum or hang her artwork on the refrigerator, Berkenkotter said.

“They won’t get to watch as she decides who she is or what she wants to do with her life,” Berkenkotter said. “Ms. Lane, you stole that from Michelle.”

While little Aurora will receive no justice from our earthly government, her family made sure that everyone knew that she deserved to be heard. Her mother placed a large poster-sized picture of Aurora at the front of the courtroom before speaking directly to Lane and the court. Wilkins openly forgave her attacker but said that she was frustrated that Lane has never expressed any regret for what she’d done, nor had Lane even attempted to apologize for the horrible attack. Wilkins’ family also spoke and asked the judge to hand down the severest sentence possible

Wilkins’ father, mother and sister also addressed the court and asked the judge to impose the maximum sentence.

Mark Wilkins, Michelle’s father, said the attack and death of baby Aurora has caused severe and permanent damage.

“This event has shattered our lives,” Wilkins said. “Some things just cannot be fixed.”

Garnett asked the judge to give Lane 118 years in prison.

“It won’t bring Aurora back, but it will send a message about human life,” he said.

This mess, this decision that Aurora’s life was not worth defending, is the fault of American liberals and their disgusting infatuation with abortion. If not for liberal efforts to normalize and legalize the murdering of our own children, Aurora Wilkins would have found justice in that Colorado courtroom. Pay attention, America, this is what happens when we allow liberals to lead our nation down their path to perdition.

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