Woman Tells Fox News’ Megyn Kelly How Muslim Terrorists Used Her as a Human Shield

Brigitte Gabriel, tells her story to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and describes how she was used as a human shield by Muslim Terrorists just like Hamas is doing now.

“The Palestinians have perfected using children to win the world’s sympathy and this goes back 30 years. I, as a child between 1975 and 1976 was used as a human shield in my bomb shelter. We were 9 children hiding in a bomb shelter…”

“The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda of war. They cannot win militarily against Israel so what they do is they use their own children as disposable collateral in order to win the war of public opinion against Israel.”

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“Let’s also not forget, Megyn, that of all the rockets that Hamas launched at Israel, over 100 rockets fell short into Gaza, fired by Hamas. So all the casualties that Hamas is talking about are not exactly Israeli casualties or because of Israel. It’s because the Palestinians do not value the lives of their children, and they are willing to sacrifice their children in the cause of Jihad.”

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