Woman Released after Arrest for Wearing Skirt

A woman filmed wearing a skirt and crop top in Saudi Arabia was saved by the international outcry.

It is illegal for a woman to wear a skirt in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, the center of one of the most violent sects of Islam, is our ally and has representation on United Nations’ human rights panels. Yet this and much worse oppression barely ever gets in the news cycle while the media attacks Trump for not supporting jihadists in overthrowing the secular government of Syria.

The Chicago Tribune reports, “Saudi Arabia releases woman arrested for wearing miniskirt in viral video.

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A young woman became the center of a controversy about clothing in Saudi Arabia after a video was posted online that showed her wearing a short skirt and cropped top in one of the nation’s most conservative provinces.

The woman was arrested by Riyadh police for wearing “suggestive clothing,” state television station al-Ekhbariya reported Tuesday.

But after an international outcry over the arrest, Saudi Arabia said the woman has been released without charge.


Such an outfit runs afoul of conservative Islamic ideas about women’s dress that are prevalent in Saudi Arabia. The country legally requires women to cover themselves while in public by wearing an abaya, a loose-fitting cloak. Traditionally, Saudi women are also expected to wear some kind of hijab or head covering, and some opt to cover their face with a niqab.

Read the entire Chicago Tribune story.

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