Woman Burned, Stabbed; Media Yawns [VIDEO!]

Why was this military woman burned almost to death after her repeated complaints about a minority civilian employee?

This story about a woman burned and stabbed at her workplace offers multiple explanations—explanations that are not mutually exclusive.

The story is that First Lieutenant Katie Ann Blanchard was doused in gasoline, set on fire, and stabbed by a civilian employee whom she was supposed to supervisor. She survived but has been permanently disfigured and is haunted by nightmares and other PTSD-like symptoms.

Amazingly, only one journalist covered the trial of her attacker. Why?

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Your Tango reports, “Tragic Details About A Woman Set On Fire And Stabbed By A Man She Supervised At Work —​ And Why His Previous Threats Were Ignored By The U.S. Army.

Devastating before and after photos show the severity of what was an easily preventable crime.

At approximately 5:10 p.m. on September 7, 2016, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, heard screaming from an office adjacent to hers at Munson Army Health Center. The civilian NP ran into the hallway and found 26-year-old First Lieutenant Katie Ann Blanchard, an active duty Registered Nurse (RN) and mother of three, on fire from the waist up.

(Details of the attack from the FBI Criminal Complaint, dated 8SEP16 can be found here.)

The smell of gasoline filled the hallway.

The NP could see another coworker, 54-year-old Clifford Currie, in the office with Katie. He was clutching a straight-edged razor in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. Currie, a short, rotund man weighing well over 200 pounds, was screaming at Katie and stabbing at her face even as she was engulfed in flames.

The NP rushed in and attempted to help Katie put out the flames and get away from Currie. Both the NP and Katie fell to the floor while struggling with Currie, who continued to stab at Katie while putting his foot on her neck and hollering incomprehensibly.

A doctor from a neighboring office heard the commotion and rushed to assist. She and the NP struggled to restrain Currie, who continued to stab at Katie. Even with Katie’s two heroic female co-workers fighting him, Currie was hell-bent on continuing his assault as Katie lay smoldering on the floor. Currie was finally restrained by a Non-Commissioned Officer who was also among the first to respond to the commotion.

Several of the people who were immediately on the scene of the attack in the hospital reported that they could hear Katie screaming, “I told you you this would happen!”

Indeed, she had told them!

Why would Blanchard’s repeated complaints that Clifford Currie was dangerous be ignored?

  • Sexism played a role; she was accused of being emotional
  • The military are immune to lawsuits so they didn’t have much incentive to take risks to make sure Blanchard was safe.
  • Currie was a government union employee, so disciplining him or firing him was difficult.
  • Currie was African American, so that siding with Blanchard meant risking a “racism” scandal.

Some of these reasons also explain why most of the media is ignoring the story.

Read the full Your Tango post.

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