Woman Becomes Lesbian Leaves Husband and Marries Woman Who Becomes a Man

“A woman marries man, has two kids, decides she’s a lesbian, finds another lesbian who has a sex change to become a man so they can marry. Now she’s ‘married’ to a woman who looks like a man … because she likes women. Insanity.” — Dan Brannan

There are some things that can’t be made up.

They are stranger than fiction.

Here’s a story I missed.

It seems to fit in the category of the “new normal” to make the abnormal normal.

If you are normal, in the usual sense of the word, then you are the new abnormal.

This comment on the story seems to sum up the absurdity of it all: “I’m confused, if she’s a lesbian why is she with someone now who is male?”

The goal of these bizarre stories on popular shows like Oprah is to show the most outrageous acts, bubble wrap them in “love,” present them to the world as a “special relationship,” thus defining deviancy down.

Once this type of absurd relationship is accepted, then any relationship or behavior can be accepted. Who are we to judge what love is?


A former guest on Oprah has opened up about the extreme lengths her partner went to in order for them to be able to get married.

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