Woman Attacked for Interracial Dating; National Media Doesn’t Care

A woman had her hair pulled and was punched in the face for interracial dating, and for having a disability.

Attacking someone both for interracial dating and for a disability sounds like a Nazi-like act of violence in defense of “racial purity.” Shouldn’t such a hate crime attract national media attention? Maybe it would have done so if the perpetrators had been white. But they were black and they attacked a black girl for dating a white boy.

The school even wanted to let the two off with a light punishment!

WSB-TV reports, “Teens facing expulsion for beating student with disabilities, mother says.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones spoke to the mother of the Maynard Jackson High School student, who she said was recorded being beaten by a group of students.

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In the video, a student coldcocks 18-year-old Jacqueline Flournoy on the school’s campus.


Flournoy said the students, two brothers and a girl recording the video, were bullying her November 30 — for two reasons.

“They didn’t like the relationship I’m in and because I’m hearing impaired,” Flournoy said.

Flournoy said they made vulgar comments about her relationship and her speech.

The attackers were initially suspended for a day and forced to apologize. But when Flournoy’s mother saw the video, she immediately complained to school officials.

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