With Donald Trump – One Out Of Two Ain’t Bad

In baseball, batters would love the percentage of one out of two hits.  Even the more patient bookmaker loves it since “the vig” makes him the winner. However, it’s a different story when running for the American Presidency. A candidate’s stumble usually awakens the opposition and most definitely all the media’s liberal hounds.

Donald Trump hit a long awaited home run as his national prominence caused a coast to coast awareness over this insipid and unfounded rendering of our Fourteenth Amendment. He was and continues to be on the money when declaring that “anchor babies” are not entitled to the automatic granting of American citizenship simply based on the location of birth.  Why would the framers of the Fourteenth legalize a birth after arriving illegally into our country? This opinion is both insane and insulting.

When ones actually thinks about this, how or why would this be in the Constitution?  What purpose does it serve?  More importantly, what are its immediate ramifications?  This gaining of instant citizenship from criminal entries is antithetical to the general purpose of our system of law, not to mention our immigration statutes.

So, as Mr. Trump continues to amass support through his frank dialogue, this one particular statement suggested that here was a candidate who understood our Constitution.  Not only understood it but was man enough to voice his beliefs, contrary to the public’s notion from decades of false legal opinions.

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Then came his second at bat.  A strikeout.  Another offering of his Constitutional understanding which lowered his batting average to five hundred.  Still, admirable from baseball standards but,,,,

Donald TrumpWhen asked about Kim Davis, the Kentucky marriage clerk who refuses to issue licenses to same sex couples, Trump stated that she violated the “law of the land.”  Or words similar.

For too long, Americans in general have accepted the half baked theory that Supreme Court rulings are in fact, law.  This was most glaring back in the seventies with the now infamous Roe v. Wade opinion.

Aside from this Supreme Court intrusion of a subject for which it lacked any authority over, once this ruling became public, America’s media became its cheerleader.  Automatically, it was hailed as the “law of the land.”  And given the Constitutional unknowing of the average American, it became gospel.  Few took the time to question whether our Judiciary could actually legislate.

So, Mr. Trump stumbled.  Personally, given his correct stand against “anchor babies,” I was surprised, as I suspect many were.  Yet, all is not lost.  While he revealed a misunderstanding of the Constitution’s separation of powers, time is on his side.  Also, compared to a President who routinely ignores and/or violates the law with abandon, I’ll take honest ignorance anytime.

Still, with his faux pas firmly digested, one question gnaws at me.  If Trump is so despised, so out of sorts with the establishment, then why hasn’t his “law of the land” statement received more air time?  I mean, isn’t he the target of the Bush’s and the Walkers?  And why hasn’t the Karl Rove’s of both parties attacked this particular goof?

Simply put, they hope this entire controversy fades quickly for to give it additional coverage is to unmask a very convenient public belief that up until now, has enabled our Judicial branch to enact law based upon the whims of five black robes.

This Judicial usurpation wasn’t as obvious with regards to Trump’s correct Fourteenth Amendment correction as it was assumed to be the original intent from its ratification period.  In other words, the various Supreme Court rulings, which elongated the Fourteenth’s authority, never became the focus.

Think about this.  What is more important; to come down on Trump or to preserve and protect an unconstitutional power?  This is the underlining motive.

Given that the election is still far off, all establishments whether it be either party or the ready to condemn media have shrugged off this opportunity to attack Trump’s appeal, simply because they value their manipulation of the people.  The less said about Trump’s misstep the better it is since to give it legs would spark a public discourse similar to the recent anchor baby discussions.  Besides, Trump still has many more months to err, so time will tell, so to speak.

It is a rare occasion when the establishment is not only disrobed in public but is so blatant with their protective shields.  They value the long decades in which this public sentiment took root.  Therefore, Trump gets a pass.  And, it makes sense when reviewing all the opinions which have been rubber stamped into law from the bench.

In closing, isn’t it odd that even when Trump misspeaks, even when he shows his human side and his own misunderstandings that he manages to gift our people with a valuable lesson?  The bottom line is that this “law of the land” misconception has transformed our Country with an ease which our Framers took pains to avoid.  They specifically designated Congress, not the Supreme Court, as lawmakers.  But don’t tell anyone.

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