Wisconsin Moves Forward With Vote Recount

They have until December 12th to finish their statewide vote recount in Wisconsin. Green Party nominee Jill Stein paid $3.5 million for the recount, and had wanted it to be done completely by hand, but a judge wasn’t convinced that was necessary.

Counties like Milwaukee County – which got over 440,000 votes – will likely be recounted the same way they were counted in the first place, by machine. Other smaller counties have agreed to recount by hand.

Across the state, there were 2.98 million votes, with Trump winning by 22,000.

Any discrepancies found following the recount aren’t likely to change anything. Even if Hillary were found to have won the state, that victory wouldn’t be enough to oust Trump.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign acknowledged that these recount efforts were not likely to change the outcome, but for whatever reason, they’ve joined with Jill Stein to push these recounts.

Over in Michigan, if they move forward with a recount, it will be the first presidential election recount in the state’s history, and they’ll have to recount some 4.8 million votes.

There was a slight discrepancy in Michigan between the initially reported results and the certified ones. When they were first reported, Trump was said to have won by around 13,000. After the results were certified, he was found to have won by a little less than 11,000.

It doesn’t look like a recount is likely in Pennsylvania. Candidates have to come up with petitions signed by three different voters in each precinct where a recount is requested. A judge in Montgomery County has rejected petitions, and offered no reason for his ruling. In addition:

In Philadelphia, the Board of Elections announced it would meet Thursday morning to review petitions for recounts in 82 of its 1,686 divisions and determine which divisions would be reexamined.

Trump won Pennsylvania by about 71,000 votes. Perhaps that’s why it’ll be more difficult to convince judges that a recount is necessary.

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