Will YouTube Stop Abusing their Content Creators Now That One Became a Shooter?

Random murders of employees is not a moral or rational response for anyone, but YouTube might consider ceasing and desisting in their abuse of content creators.

Not all abused content creators turn into psychotic would-be mass shooters, but YouTube should rethink their sadistic practices.

Random murders of employees is not a moral or rational response for anyone, but YouTube might consider ceasing and desisting in their abuse of content creators. Megan Fox points out that the recent attempted mass shooting at YouTube’s headquarters, which ended in the shooter’s death (and no one else’s, thankfully), involved a woman whom they had demonetized and censored.

I don’t think the woman lost much revenue because of demonetization. The only way her videos would get popular is because they’re so cringe-worthy. Nevertheless, YouTube demonetizes and deletes content creators all the time without communicating anything like objective reasons for their actions.

Fox tells of one content creator, Mandy O’Brien, who was falsely accused of bullying for posting a video of some survivors of the Parkland shooting. But there are many more incidents—many of them targeting conservatives.

Fox writes at PJ Media, “Sadistic YouTube Deletes Channels, Demonetizes and Censors Content and Refuses to Respond to Press.

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YouTube’s continued refusal to publicly address these deletions, bannings, and demonetizations has led to seething anger among content creators and subscribers […].

While there is never an excuse for shooting innocent people, Aghdam’s frustration with YouTube highlights ongoing problems that must be addressed by the company: mass deletions, loss of livelihood, and censorship. They seem to think they don’t have to answer to anyone, including the press, about the asinine business decisions they keep making that suppress the First Amendment and oppress their own content creators.

Most people, like O’Brien, (who are sane and normal) take their content elsewhere, like to Vimeo and Bitchute, but the psychological games YouTube plays with them are maddening! Deleting videos, then reinstating, demonetizing then remonetizing… this goes on and on with no reasonable explanation.

Robots send form letters informing you of your disappearing videos. Despite the fact there’s an entire office building full of people at YouTube, there are no people ever available to talk about how your channel may have been caught up in an algorithm it shouldn’t have been in. Years of your work then disappears and no one at YouTube cares to investigate why or communicate with you about what happened. It’s sadistic.

YouTube has a terrible business model that treats its content creators (and the Constitution) like garbage. It should be abandoned en masse and investigated.

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