Will the Succeed Act Rescue Dreamers?

It would be ironic if Republicans, who have failed in repealing Obamacare or delivering tax reform yet, manage to rescue Dreamers.

Three Republican Senators, including Thom Tillis of North Carolina, have introduced a bill, the Succeed Act, to rescue dreamers. I understand why the Senators feel some pressure to do this. Even President Trump seems to want them to do so.

But it demonstrates really strange priorities that the Republicans might create a solution for Dreamers while they haven’t accomplished any of their promises to voters.

The New York Times reports, “Republicans Present Conservative Vision for ‘Dreamer’ Protection.

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“This bill, I believe, is a fair and orderly method for providing a permanent solution for the DACA children,” Mr. Tillis said.

It is unclear whether any Democrats will sign onto the Succeed Act, or whether common ground can be reached between the Republican bill and the Dream Act, which has languished in Congress since 2001. To be eligible for protection under the Succeed Act, immigrants must have arrived before the age of 16 and been in the United States since June 15, 2012.

The Succeed Act also makes immigrants apply for conditional status for the first 10 years, similar to the work permits offered under DACA, after which they are allowed access to a green card. However, unlike other green card holders, those eligible under the Succeed Act would not be allowed to use their green cards to help other family members become legal residents. After five years as a green card holder, a person would be able to apply to become an American citizen.

The Dream Act is considerably more lenient.

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