Will the E.U. Collapse if Angela Merkel Is Ousted in Germany?

While observers won’t admit an E.U. collapse is possible, they are admitting that Germany has been essential to the E.U. under Merkel.

Could the failure of Angela Merkel to stay in power lead to E.U. collapse? Germany has been a driving force in the E.U. and Merkel has been a driving force to get Germany to support the E.U. But many German voters seem to be adopting a philosophy of “Germany First.” They no longer support Merkel, in large part, because of her focus on the E.U.

It would be ironic if the E.U. caused the collapse of Merkel’s power which in turn caused the collapse of the E.U.

NBC News reports, “With Germany in crisis, Europe-watchers contemplate an E.U. after Merkel.

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Germany has for decades been Europe’s pillar of stability, supporting the European Union through economic crises, pressures from immigration and the threat of a resurgent far-right.

But with Germany’s politics now in disarray — and the future of its chancellor Angela Merkel hanging in the balance — Europe risks losing its de facto leader, resulting in a power vacuum across the continent.

Europe-watchers are contemplating what protracted uncertainty in the country might mean for the E.U. and how it might fare if Merkel does not survive.

Coalition talks broke down last weekend over migration and environmental policy, and though there is now renewed hope of an agreement, Germany finds itself in unusually choppy waters. The country hasn’t had a post-election minority government since World War II.

The clouds gathering over Europe’s economic powerhouse come as the 28-nation E.U. faces its own perfect storm of Brexit, social unease over immigration and a rising threat from the populist far-right.

“Europe is waiting for a Germany capable of acting,” Volker Kauder, a senior Merkel ally said Thursday as he expressed frustration with political rivals the Social Democrats (SPD).

“The economically strongest country in Europe cannot show itself as a political dwarf,” he said.

There is a real possibility that Merkel could lose power.

That could leave a leadership vacuum in Europe, according to Alexandra Borchardt, a long-time journalist for German daily newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and current professor of journalism at England’s Oxford University.

Read the NBC story.

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