Will Republicans Give Us FDA Reform?

In an editorial in The Hill, a Republican advocates FDA reform that is LONG overdue.

Personally, I favor FDA abolition instead of FDA reform. But I agree with Robb Wolf that this is an unexpected and amazing step toward improvement.

Congrats to Nina Teicholz who has largely spearheaded the work resulting in pieces like this. We have a looong way to go but this is progress i did not think i'd see in my lifetime.

Posted by RobbWolf.com on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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Thanks to several maverick nutritionists and maverick journalists, a large part of the population favors FDA reform of some kind. A recent study finding that there is no real science backing the dietary guidelines of the FDA seems to be pushing the government to do something that will make us better off.

I’m shocked!

Maryland Representative Andy Harris writes, “Mandate is clear: Flawed dietary guidelines process must be reformed.

It seems clear that the lack of sound science has led to a number of dietary tenets that are not just mistaken, but even harmful – as a number of recent studies suggest.

For instance, the guidelines’ recommendation to eat “healthy whole grains” turns out not to be supported by any strong science, according to a recent study by the Cochrane Collaboration, a group specializing in scientific literature reviews. Looking at all the data from clinical trials, which is the most rigorous data available, the study concluded that there is “insufficient evidence” to show that whole grains reduced blood pressure or had any cardiovascular benefit.

Another recent study, called the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE), followed 135,335 people worldwide, and found that there was no effect on cardiovascular mortality with higher saturated fat consumption. This same finding has been echoed over the past decade in thirteen other review papers on saturated fats, on all the clinical trials and all the observational data to date.

Even more worrying, PURE found a link between the low levels of saturated fat currently recommended by the Dietary Guidelines and an increased risk of stroke.

Read the entire column.

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