Will Conservative and Libertarian Voters Let Democrats Win to Protest the Establishment?

[score]Rand Paul[/score] supporters need to decide if they want to be the political equivalent of Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum.

When Huckabee realized that he was going to lose, he started bitterly lashing out at all of his allies, going so far as to say that the only reason conservatives didn’t support him was because they didn’t really want to accomplish conservative goals. Huckabee became the worst enemy of his own ideals, and he burned every last bridge on his way out of the race. Most of us would rather not hear from him ever again. As a political leader, he is dead to the conservative movement.

Rick Santorum realized that he couldn’t win, so he dropped out of the race, but he didn’t take his ball and go home. He didn’t lash out. Instead, he found the candidate that he thought would best advance his ideals (Marco Rubio), and he started doing everything in his power to help Marco win. That’s admirable. I’m a [score]Ted Cruz[/score] supporter, so I think he should have picked Cruz, but I admire his mature response to the circumstances. Good for Rick Santorum.

Since Rand dropped out, I’ve seen a lot of Rand’s supporters lash out at everyone and everything in sight. I hope this trend will be short lived. Be like Santorum. If you act like Huckabee, you will only destroy yourselves. If you doubt this, ask a Democrat about Ralph Nader (be prepared to duck).

The last thing a Rand Paul supporter should want? To further the narrative of a Paul cult. The best thing Rand’s supporters can do for Rand’s future prospects is to demonstrate that all of this is about issues, not personalities. We all want to live in a freer country that protects liberty, so let’s make sure our political endeavors are issues-driven, not candidate driven. The candidates are only a means to an end. As I said above, you don’t have to pick Cruz. But pick SOMEONE. Don’t just take your ball and go home.

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There are many who think the libertarian wing of the Republican party has no ability to do anything constructive, and can only destroy everything it touches. I hope for better things from you guys.

Prove them wrong.


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