Will America Act to Stop President Obama? Liberty or Tyranny… Choose Now.

In response to an article that appeared in our pages a few days ago, Agenda 2015 – STOP the Lawless Barack Obama, a reader of ours checked in with a brilliant companion piece.


Three times in the past 100 years, the Democratic Party captured the Presidency and a veto-proof majority in both houses of Congress.  In all three cases, it was a two year reign of terror, in which actions were taken that did nonstop damage to the fabric of the nation, that has continued over many decades to this very day.

Today, January 1, 2015, in the calm before the storm, with Congress reconvening on January 5, we can first look back at the three previous reigns of terror:  first, the Congress of 1935-36 under Franklin Roosevelt; the second, the Congress of 1965-66 under Lyndon Johnson; the third, the Congress of 2009-2010 under Barack Obama.

In the intervening years, which is all but six of the past 80 these conditions did not exist.

Yet from 1937-2012, there were 71 of 75 years when in the recognition of having no such Congressional mandate and domination, every President essentially honored the Constitution and wielded executive power only to carry out Congressional legislation.

However; to the horror of honest and Constitutional Americans, this honorable system and the rule of law began to unravel.

Obama not funnyThat year, 2012, Obama began to act unilaterally, beginning with his ” deferred action ” for young illegal aliens.  Next, he announced that he would no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and generally began substituting executive orders for Congressional legislation to accomplish changes in America he wanted that Congress declined to enact into law.

The extremely alarming scenario we have 30 months later, is a ” President ” who aside from the fact that for several reasons neither he nor his executive branch of government are legitimate, has decided that he will substitute his illegal power grabs for both the elected members of Congress and the voting citizens who spoke so clearly at the ballot box back in November.

Next, we must address the most terrifying egregious aspect of all; no other American President in history ever disregarded the political and legal fact that (1) the people have clearly expressed their will in an election and (2) the votes do not exist in Congress to obtain passage of legislation he wishes.   However, this unprecedented agenda and intent is exactly what Obama plans to do-and publicly admitted-in the next two years; unilaterally impose his personal and political agenda on this nation and its people without Congressional or popular vote approval.

While no one wishes for impeachment or a Constitutional crisis, or civil insurrection, Obama has willfully and purposely created those conditions.  Consequently, the America of January 1, 2015 is in a condition alarmingly similar to that of 1775 and 1860.

Absent a nationwide and passionate popular uprising, that causes an alarmed Congress to become afraid NOT to act, or an internal uprising inside Congress resulting in a takeover of leadership by Constitutional Conservatives, Obama will, in the next two years, finish the destruction of America that he has so severely damaged during the past six.

The big question, and issue in 2015 is, will America act to stop him?   In 1776, we stopped the tyranny of the British; in 1861, we fought to preserve the nation.  In 2015, we have arrived at our third, and most dangerous threshold; we the people and the Congress of the United States either will act decisively to stop Obama and save American Liberty, or we will passively decline to act, and witness America’s dark descent into despotism and tyranny.   

What are you, the reader of this polemic exposition going to do?  Liberty, or Tyranny, those are our options, and the hour of decision is now.

Dale Summitt

Trailblazing America

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