Why were Pro-Gun Students Blocked from the ‘March for Our Lives’?

On Sunday, Kashuv sat down with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face the Nation to talk about school safety and stopping tragedies like the shooting at Douglas before they happen.

One interesting thing you may have noticed in the recent coverage of the gun debate in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is that there has really only been one opinion represented in most of the media coverage. The anti-gun rights perspective.

It shouldn’t surprise us. We’ve been dealing with bias and ignorance against our opinions for years, and after a tragedy like the one at Douglas High School, we should have been ready for the onslaught of hate.

What caught most of us off-guard was the media’s decision to purposely ignore the victims and voices from Douglas High School who didn’t toe the left-wing party line.

Any of the folks who were a part of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida but chose to argue that guns weren’t the problem, were effectively silenced by the media. Instead, the only outlet for their concerns were the politicians in D.C. who actually got together to make some changes in an effort to make our schools safer.

Another example of the anti-gun rights bias reared it’s head during this past weekend’s “March for our Lives” in Washington, D.C. where it seemed that anyone who supported the 2nd Amendment was persona non-grata.

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Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv has been working hard since the day after the shooting to make every American high school a safer place. He has been wildly successful, as Congress has passed 3 very important pieces of legislation that he and his allies had been pushing in D.C.

You’d think that his fellow students would want to hear more from him, but he wasn’t even invited to the march. Instead, they only heard from leftwing, socialist supporting, anti-freedom, do-nothings who have spent the last few weeks cursing their elders and demonizing law abiding Americans.

While these angry, illogical teenagers may not want to hear from their most successful peer, we thought you might want to.

On Sunday, Kashuv sat down with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face the Nation to talk about school safety and stopping tragedies like the shooting at Douglas before they happen.

Margaret Brennan: Now, you don’t necessarily support the march that just happened, but tell me why you’re here in Washington.

Kyle Kashuv: Well, look, I’m here for one very simple reason, I don’t want to see this ever happen again. And what I saw at the march yesterday, which really frustrated me, is that I have a differing point of view, but what really concerned me was that how come I wasn’t invited to speak at the march because, as Americans, we all have different points of views and it’s important to represent them all equally.

Margaret Brennan: And your point of view is, what, you don’t agree with the agenda that they’re laying out there in terms of restrictions on assault weapons?

Kyle Kashuv: Well, yes. I mean I talked to senators and I looked at all the facts and they all point in the same direction, that a ban on assault weapons will not solve this issue. It’s simply — it’s simply a —

Margaret Brennan: And restrictions on high capacity magazines.

Kyle Kashuv: That won’t solve the issue. What we’ve seen is that there are certain things such as having — enforcing the regulation that’s currently in law. I mean we’ve seen on so many different levels that the cowards of Broward (ph) failed, the FBI failed, Sheriff Scott Israel failed. So many different multi-layered levels failed in Parkland. And it’s absolutely reprehensible that I didn’t see one single poster yesterday at the march that said f the NRA that — no, sorry, that said f Sheriff Scott Israel.

Margaret Brennan: So you are a survivor. You lived through this assault yourself. What do you think would have prevented another student like you from going through something similar?

Kyle Kashuv: Well, look, I mean, this kid was flagged. He was flagged by the child protective services. He was —

Margaret Brennan: The shooter.

Kyle Kashuv: Yes. I don’t like to say his name. I prefer not to. He was flagged by the FBI. He was flagged so many different times by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. And it’s — we need to see that we have to hold our government accountable, we have to, because this can happen again if our government does not do what it’s supposed to do. And I find it ironic that after all this — and we’ve seen so many different government failures — we want to trust the government even more.

Margaret Brennan: Do you have any points of agreement with your classmates?

Kyle Kashuv: I agree with them completely, that this cannot happen ever again. But I differ with them on what policy needs to be made.

Margaret Brennan: So you’ve been here in Washington. You actually — you were welcomed to the White House. The first lady invited you as well. Do you think that you’re going to stay politically involved?

Kyle Kashuv: Well, look, I’m going to do everything that I have to do to make sure this won’t ever happen again and to ensure American’s safety.

Margaret Brennan: So have you considered — I mean give me a sense, when you go back to Parkland and you have to go to school and sit in the same classroom with some of these people you’re disagreeing with, how many other fellow students support your way of thinking?

Kyle Kashuv: There — there’s a very — there’s a silent minority at Stoneman Douglas who agrees with me completely. Something called the Marshal Program, which was registered and implemented in Florida and which would allow properly trained officers and veterans, and unemployment veterans, to acquire the training to protect our school because we’ve seen in Maryland that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And it really concerned me as to home come we did not see a single person —

Margaret Brennan: You want — you would have liked more armed guards at the school?

Kyle Kashuv: Absolutely. I mean we saw it in Maryland. He stopped the shooter. He did his job. And had the cowards of Broward done their job, I think that the count in Parkland would have been much lower. We saw that in Maryland that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. The only way to stop an active shooter on campus is to have another person to eliminate him.

Margaret Brennan: So in your meetings with people on Capitol Hill and at the White House, did you get any promises to take action? Did they tell you anything would be done to follow through on what you’re laying out?

Kyle Kashuv: Every single senator that I have spoken with does not want to see this happen. I spoke with Senator Marco Rubio.

Margaret Brennan: Of course.

Kyle Kashuv: He cares so much about this. And it pains me to see how he’s being represented in the media.

Margaret Brennan: But did they promise to do any of the things that you’re asking for?

Kyle Kashuv: They promised to fight tooth and nail to make sure this won’t ever happen again. But we have to make sure that the laws that we’re enacting don’t hurt America on a national scale. And that’s why I think that we have to sit down with all members of this issue, OK, sit down with me and David Hogg or Cameron Kasky and debate this and find a common middle ground because that’s the only way that we’re going to protect the American people.

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