Why We Love Mia – Utah Rep Brought to Tears Over Planned Parenthood Scandal

Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) who was a guest on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs proved once again why she is such a rockstar among conservatives when she was driven to tears when discussing the immorality of the work being done at Planned Parenthood. She passionately pleads for the sanctity of all life and for the compassion of her fellow Americans when it comes to these – the most innocent and helpless among us. It is a heartfelt and stirring call to action that all Americans should hear and respond to.

It’s absolutely horrific. I get a little emotional just thinking about it and seeing what is happening. Here we are in the United States of America and our job is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. First and foremost life.

It’s our job to protect those who do not have a voice to protect themselves, and to see what is actually happening to babies while they’re still alive, I mean, it’s horrific…

This is not about a Right or Left issue – this is right or wrong, and whether we are going to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, or if we’re going to just turn a blind eye and pretend that this is not happening…

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Well, as long as I’m here, we need to make sure that we’re having this conversation. As long as I’m here, it’s my job to do everything I can to get colleagues on both sides of the aisle to see what’s happening and stand up for what we believe is right. This is who we are as Americans; our job is to protect human life.

After their conversation on abortion, the discussion turned to the Iran nuclear deal to which Rep. Love said she would definitely be voting “No”, because it makes the world a more dangerous place. She gives a clear, concise and logical argument for why the Iran deal must be defeated.

Watch for her comments on abortion but stay for her remarks on the Iran deal.

Thank you, Congresswoman Love, for standing up for our children.

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