Why Trump’s Urgent and True Message Resonated Overwhelmingly

A Patient Nation

The one glitch with our Obama stumble was his re-election.  Having Benghazi blow up in his face, at the most inopportune moment, gave all the ammunition that Romney would have required, if in fact he truly was intent upon becoming our next President.  However, with hindsight’s clearer vision, a dive seemed to be required.  Candy Crowley was selected and on key, dutifully performed by an obedient Romney.

So this glitch wasn’t really a glitch but more of a set-up, reminiscent of the impossible Dole-versus-Clinton or the more recent McCain-versus-Obama circus.  The establishment fed Dole and McCain “to the wolves.”  The only difference between those two examples and Romney was that another ploy has to be enacted since Romney actually surprised himself with having the lead!  So, along came Ms. Crowley to the rescue.

The price America paid has been an extreme one for having Obama waltz into our White House.  Almost from day one, he gleefully embarrassed, humiliated, degraded and abused his office, our American values and our rule of law.  While arguments continue to fester around whether he is Constitutionally qualified or that he might be a closet Muslim, his eight-year record does little to still the debate.

America’s office of presidency represents all that is America.  Not only is leadership a given and in Obama’s case, an assumed given without any credentials, also a certain style and class is a prerequisite.  Almost immediately, Obama dashed the public’s expectation of the latter.

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As Obama’s term is near finished, the more curious may find time to define or try to understand just what motivates Obama’s lesser qualities.  I mean, just how does one, at the acme of his surprising political run, act so boyish when dressing down his beaten competitor?  In addition, the furor that Trump received with his McCain comment about heroes “not being captured,” was never heard when this newly elected President acted so disrespectful to that same veteran.

Granted, all public reaction is fueled from our media so in looking back, what journalist would dare criticize a newly elected “first?”  Sadly, that hesitancy has remained till the present.

But really, just how does the enjoyment of being victorious embrace his gutter style recrimination of, “elections have consequences, I won, you lost?”  Then, years later, his talk of “you didn’t build that” or “those clinging to their Bible and guns” continued down that same disrespectful avenue.

Shortly after McCain’s lecture, America was embarrassed by witnessing her newly elected President bow before foreign heads of state.  Today, as media pundits raise the question of whether Trump is or can be “presidential,” where was this question when covering Obama’s initial globe-trotting tour?

One lesson begs attention.  Any future candidate who is introduced as being “a first” should be avoided at all costs.  Consider if somehow, Clinton had prevailed.  She was already hailed as possibly America’s “first” woman President.  In accordance to the wide swipe afforded to our “first” black President, the same leniency and lunacy would continue.  That is in preference to those charges of gender discrimination.

So, theoretically, if Clinton had succeeded and gained re-election, who would follow, the “first” Hispanic or maybe the “first” transgender?  It would appear that the democrat party discovered an election gimmick that would have swayed voters for the conceivable future.

However, they also stumbled.  Instead of selecting the older Clinton in 2008, followed by another “first,” Obama, they chose the easy win by promoting the “first’ black President.  Only problem, no one anticipated the intruder.

The bottom line to all this political skullduggery is that electing a “first” has little to do with electing leadership or class.  For a time many felt the flimsy and foolish sway of their emotions.  However, Trump’s message resonated overwhelmingly, simply based upon both its urgency and the rarity of truth.

Voters from both sides had enough of a never-ending patient process which produced legendary short memories and culminated in government’s usual ineptitude. Hopefully, electing a “doer” has introduced this beneficial “first,” from a long line of productive patriots.

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