Why This Type of Tax is Actually Better for Liberty and the Economy

Our incomes are taxed, then taxed again when we spend them in the marketplace. People who own nice homes lament over the thousands each year they spend in property taxes. Small businesses are hampered by taxes, and the corporate tax rate in the US is the 3rd highest in the world. Nobody thinks the tax code is fair or functional.

And I look at all the cheap stuff coming in from China and the lack of jobs in the US.

Why not tax those imports instead of taxing individuals?

Historically, taxes were primarily levied on imports, not on individuals. Early Americans didn’t have income taxes. The modern tax code is just that—modern. Modern doesn’t mean functional, and most would agree the tax code doesn’t work. Libertarians think taxes should be eliminated. Socialists think taxes should be expanded. Practicality and justice demand that taxes should be levied at the borders, not within them.

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After all, following a libertarian vein of thought, why tax the citizen? On what basis is it justified to confiscate some of the citizen’s resources? A duty on imports, however—an administrative fee to process goods into our country, levied on non-citizens and foreign corporations as a toll for entry—what more just way to fund our government?

This has a litany of benefits:

  • Negates the effects of currency manipulation on US corporations
  • Insulates the US from foreign dumping of cheap goods in our market
  • Increases the buying power of citizens
  • Eliminates tax obstacle to starting businesses
  • Simplifies the tax code
  • Makes the tax code just
  • Shifts the administrative burden of taxes away from the people
  • Eliminates the need for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service—not External Revenue Service)

It’s time for the left to stop calling for more taxes and the right to stop calling for fewer; the way forward is to shift to an external tax model and abandon the internal revenue model.

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