Why This, Pentagon?

Let me get this headline straight; “transgender people can enlist in military Jan 1.”  One question, why, where is the need and is our military that short  of warm bodies?  OK, so it’s a multiple question but you get the idea!  Sure, we get it but what about that useless Pentagon?

I defy anyone to name a “need,” or to explain the reasoning, not from a feel good social engineering perspective but from a military point of view.  And if there is this numbers need, there’s always the draft!  Heaven forbid but those that answered the call did so in fine and admirable fashion.

But returning to that excrement center, the Pentagon, where was their input when American trade was aiding North Vietnam?  Military commanders in the field, not at the Pentagon but in the boonies, also stated that the war could be won in six weeks or so if the restrictions over our troops were lifted.  Why didn’t the Pentagon over rule McNamara as they are now?

More to the point in August, 1966, quoting State Dept. publication 8117,  “All American citizens should know that any American businessman who chooses to engage in peaceful trade with the Soviet Union or Eastern European countries and to sell the goods he buys is acting within his rights and is following the policy of his government.”

This despicable publication adds that, “any organization, however patriotic in intention , that undertakes to boycott, blacklist, or otherwise penalize or attack any American business for engaging in peaceful trade with eastern European countries or the Soviet Union, is acting against the interests of the United States.”

So with this bit of authorized treason, is it any surprise as to the Pentagon’s wacky attempt to weaken troop moral and combat efficiency with this inclusion of transgenders into our military ranks?

Now if this isn’t bad enough, how about Peter Arnett’s interview of Secretary of State Dean Rusk when he was incredibly asked if our government provided the North Vietnamese the bombing targets for the next day?  Rusk answered in the positive since it was feared that innocent people would otherwise be killed.  To add further, from personal experience, the order of the day was not to fire until fired upon, for the same concern, civilian deaths or what we today call, “collateral damage.”

All this points to why ISIS is now no more.  We have a President who expects our Generals to general.  The ROE’s (rules of engagement) have been lifted with positive results.  These results are telling and in retrospect, Vietnam should have been a victory.

The reasoning for transgenders in our military is equally as asinine as were those former ROE’s.  Also, counter productive and expensive.  Such policies reflect upon another ROE which forbade our pilots from bombing SAM missile sights that were under construction.  They were only legitimate targets if they were operational.  Again, the “first fired upon” policy.

All this magnifies a bloated and often counter productive state of our Federal governing.  This insubordinate Pentagon is something out of “the old wild west!”  If nothing else, the military has a “chain of command” of which the President retains command.  Civilian courts are hardly the answer.  This goes to the heart of command and to strictness of order.

Supposedly, the Pentagon has instituted the stiffest of requirements for the entry of transgenders.  Consider one such stipulation: “if a medical provider certifies they’ve been clinically stable in the preferred sex for 18 months.” Plainly visible is the Pentagon’s concern for appearing politically correct!

We are not talking about the required stability for being a bank teller or cashier at the supermarket.  This is the damn military!  Combat is not dictated by clean and/or safe working conditions nor by a union contract!

To think that the Pentagon consists of senior officers who operate and formulate decisions gained from their extensive military experience; for this finding, after a six month review period, is so ludicrous that all those involved should be immediately reassigned, retired or even terminated.

As a matter of fact, given the success of those generals in the field, just what is the Pentagon’s purpose if not political?  And after such a lengthy and disastrous following of those ROE’s, of which the Pentagon remained silent if I remember correctly, it all comes down to, why this Pentagon?

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