Why the President Should be Stupid



To be a President you have to be a detail-oriented, petty, soulless drone. You have to glad hand votes and try to please those who you detest. You pickpocket votes.  You make kings look noble because they have majestic bloodlines rather than selling their souls.


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You have to imagine that you are greater than you are yet smaller than true intellects or artists or writers.


A president occupies a boring job.  He is dull like Obama who swallows a teleprompter and spits out other people’s words like chicklets.


Based on the dunderhead philosophy of a president I would like to recommend Donald Trump. He seems to me to be the perfect dullard.  He has little imagination so he is capable of pragmatism.


Trump could make decisions.  He could cross the red line without worrying about it for a year.


A president should be decisive.  He is not an Obama weakling.  He is not feckless.  He makes other people fearful.


Reagan made the Russians fearful and the Berlin wall came down.  Obama scared no one and heads rolled in the desert; race riots broke out in the U.S. and food stamps replaced sirloin steaks.


When I call Trump a dummy I am complimenting him. That’s what I really believe a president should be.


Trump maybe a dolt but he will give us results. He will save America from the liberals who are about as decisive as surrender.


A good president is stupid. Trump is stupid.  That’s why he will be good. Intelligence is ambivalence and a signal for presidential failure.


Obama is an academic but a failed President.  He is too smart. He is lost in ideological redundancy. He is a used car salesman selling votes.

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