Why the Mainstream Media Shifted from Conspiracy Denial to Conspiracy Theory

There’s been a seismic shift in the media, and you’d have to not be a news watcher to have missed it. The mainstream/fake news media, still running with the baseless conspiracy theory that Russia got President Trump elected, suddenly became the purveyors of one of the daftest conspiracy theories yet—at the same time they’ve joined with Democrats like Hillary Clinton to call out Alex Jones by name. Their actions indicate a competitive motive, rather than an objective one.

First, let’s get it out of the way—there’s still no evidence that Russia had any influence on our election. Furthermore, since this conspiracy theory emerged, we learned that our intelligence agencies have the ability to leave other nations’ signatures when conducting hacks (wouldn’t you be concerned if they didn’t have this ability?). When you peel back the vague claim they’re making, it amounts to the assertion that Russia, through spamming, somehow convinced us to vote for Trump….

(Isn’t it funny the stretch they make here, plus the stretch they make to deny that illegal immigrants voted and that deceased peoples’ names were used in voting?)

Why are the media spreading such preposterous conspiracy theories, while demonizing the alternative media (especially InfoWars)? The question becomes even more compelling when you note that Alex Jones, along with the majority of the conservative side of the political spectrum[p], rejects this conspiracy theory.

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Here’s why the mainstream media are doing this:

They’ve taken note of the success of outlets such as the Drudge Report, InfoWars, and Breitbart—as evidenced by Google’s recent move to pull InfoWars’ ads and the sudden evocations of Alex Jones’ name in political speeches and on the news in the past year. They’re desperately trying to mimic the alternative media, which they accuse of fabricating stories; and, it seems, they really believe the alternative media fabricates stories. As such, the mainstream media is literally fabricating stories.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: The mainstream media continue to create stories based on ulterior motives—trafficking in lies packaged to look like truth—attempting to appeal to our political convictions while taking us for fools.

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