Why The Left Hates What Ben Carson Says About Islam

Sometimes you have to stand in awe, staring at the chasm between reality and the “logic” of those on the left. A discussion I had about Ben Carson and his recent statements on Muslims and presidents yesterday leaves my head still a little rattled from all the double-speak I was interpreting and the self-contradiction I heard from my opponent as we “conversed.”

You see, I think what Ben Carson said about Muslims and the presidency is correct. And I do believe Dr. Carson is a rather impressive candidate for president of the United States. I’m not saying he is the best; I’m not saying he’s not, either. In reality, I’m not speaking at all to how he stacks up in the race. But the man is certainly accomplished and well educated; he has proven that he is articulate and can perform pretty well under pressure, based on the life-and-death situations he would have encountered in the surgical suites in his notable medical career, and also based on how he did in a recent interview on CNN.

In that recent interview, Jake Tapper seemed puzzled that Ben Carson would dare say that someone should be disqualified from running for president of the United States because of his or her religious beliefs. The all-wise, all-moderate, all-fair and balanced folks at CNN decided that they really needed to extract (and perhaps stigmatize) Ben Carson’s opinion about the point he made in a recent interview and whether or not he really meant what he said regarding Muslims and their non-qualification for presidency.

In later commentary, it was obvious that Chuck Todd seemed incensed that Ben Carson had the gall to actually make such an insensitive remark about the “religion of peace.” In prompt and predictable “politically correct” fashion, CAIR jumped on the opportunity train and immediately demanded that Ben Carson step down from the presidential race as unqualified because he dared to make such a mischaracterization of Muslims as a group.

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But in spite of Ben’s willingness to stand firm on his point – indeed, he did that very well with Tapper – I’m encountering those on the left who think he’s just “another politician.” I’m stunned at how they come to that conclusion and the logical inconsistencies I encounter when I debate people about his statements.

ben carsonI agree with what Dr. Carson said.

I know, I know. How insensitive of me. I can feel the daggers from the left when I dare to make such a sweeping and broad generalization. The knives flail when liberals feel the inability to “reason” with you. If they can’t convince you, they feel they must silence you. And such a statement sounds so unreasonable to them. Somehow, all the liberal can hear is that I think my religion is better than someone else’s religion. And since they don’t seem to have a lot of respect for fundamentalists of any religion, the self-righteousness they perceive I am displaying annoys the crap out of them.

I thought Dr. Carson was very careful to clarify what he meant. When pushed by Tapper, Dr. Carson didn’t water down his opinion. Instead, he doubled down and insisted that he meant exactly what he said.

But that is not how a liberal sees it. A brief excerpt of an online discussion in a group on Facebook yesterday between a liberal and myself, arguing over points that are typical from their side, shows the disconnect:

Me: I agree with the point it seemed Carson was making – anyone who is an Islamic Fundamentalist wanting to see the imposition of sharia law is not capable of functioning as a president who is sworn to uphold the constitution. If they believe in sharia, I can’t see how they’d want to impose it.

Mr. Librull: except he wasn’t just talking about someone who believes in sharia law, he was talking about Muslims, full stop. He said that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this country.” What a joke; and yet it’s totally cool to advocate/elect a Christian? Wow Ben Carson. Wow.

Me: No. His point was about someone who is a fundamentalist Muslim and how someone who truly believes in the tenants of fundamental Islam doesn’t have interests compatible with the constitution. A Christian doesn’t have views that are inherently incompatible with the constitution. A Muslim who believes in sharia does. Carson seemed pretty clear on what he was saying.

Mr. Librull: Don’t listen to his retreating after the fact. Listen to what he actually said. And then, “No, I didn’t mean what I said, I meant something else…”

Me: Look. The point is valid, isn’t it? Any devout muslim holds an ideology that is incompatible with the constitution if that devout Islamic belief holds to the Quran. It upholds the concept that sharia is the ONLY law that we must follow.

Mr. Librull: The point that he didn’t actually make, and is trying to make now, yes. But again, he said something else entirely.

Me: So what is YOUR point? That a Muslim CAN be a good president (like the one you have now?) Or that Carson lies? And yet what he says in the clarification is true. So exactly what is the problem?

Mr. Librull: Well of course a Muslim could/can be a good president. Why would this not be the case? And I must say that the idea that you take seriously the conspiracy theory about Obama’s secret Muslim faith (are you a “birther” as well?) speaks volumes.

Me: And of course, we know Carson lies because he is a politician. But we all know Obama is telling the truth when he says he is a Christian rather than a Muslim because he doesn’t lie… Even though he’s a politician. (And even though, according to the Quran, he is allowed to lie about that when the means is justified according to the end of advancing Islam.) But who said consistency is necessary to maintain a good argument.

Mr. Librull:…… (The sound of crickets.)

Ben Carson Explains Why a Doctor Should be PresidentThose on the right usually see the reality that those on the left seem so often to miss. What those on the right recognize (particularly people like evangelical Christians) is that the sincere belief that a religious text is inspired by God carries a weight and an obligation to honour what it directs us to do. Those who believe in a sovereign God – Muslim, Christian or Jew – who believe God has revealed Himself in a sacred text, recognize that they must follow the directives of God’s will as revealed in that text.

And while Christians reject the Quran as writings that misunderstand what Christianity has always taught, they also recognize that, because Muslims do believe the Quran to be an accurate revelation of God’s will, that Muslims have to carry out that revealed will of God no matter the cost. Christians also recognize that devout Muslims really DO believe that there is no law to which we must submit except sharia, because the Quran says so.

Liberals want to think the Quran, like the Bible, is merely good advice.

As soon as you try to reason with a liberal on the basis of absolutes (especially absolutes which come between them and the freedom to do whatever they want), you become the enemy. When you argue that the Quran teaches that there is no law but Sharia, you hit a nerve. They want people to only see religious texts as good advice. When you insist that a vast number of Muslims believe that the Quran demands sharia compliance, you present them with a reality they don’t want to be true. So you become the enemy. In fact, you become an enemy with an attitude, because in their mind, you think you’re better than the Muslim, and better than the liberal is. The inconvenient truths in the facts you convey simply create another case of cognitive dissonance. And that is painful to anyone who really doesn’t want to change.

As I’ve often said before, if this were a case of putting good ideas up against bad ideas and using proper logic and reason, and this was a good enough way to show the liberal where he is missing it, we would have won them to our side long ago.

This is a problem of human nature, and we will only win this battle as we recognize our primary place of battle needs to be on our knees, interceding before the throne of grace for the God of heaven to show Himself strong to a lost and dying world.

I am thoroughly convinced that God is not finished with America. But I do believe that, in His wisdom, He may have to allow her to go through some real struggles and persecution. But Christians know that persecution is something that often causes the church to flourish. I wrote recently about the fact that the fastest growing church in the world right now is the church in Iran. Their growth seems to be coming as a direct result of the persecution that is occurring in that part of the world right now.

I pray that the church in America gets on its knees and intercedes mightily before the throne to seek God for the pouring out of a great spirit of revival on this land. But if, in the course of this revival coming, we are persecuted for our faith, may we stand strong, upholding our faith, recognizing that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.

And if we are cut, may our heart’s desire be that we bleed Jesus.

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