Why the Democratic Memo Contained Redacted Material

Was classified information deliberately used in the Democratic memo to hide a lack of evidence?

As we all know, the Democratic memo was supposed to disprove the allegations in the Nunes memo. One of the claims it makes is that the Trump dossier was corroborated. And then, to demonstrate and explain the corroboration, there is a lot of material that we can’t read because it has been redacted.

Did the Democrats deliberately include information that had to be redacted so that no one could see that they had no basis for claiming the dossier was corroborated?

The Daily Caller reports, “Has The Dossier Been ‘Corroborated,’ As The Democratic Memo Claims?

The 10-page memo, which was made available to Congress in February and released on Saturday, asserts that in renewal applications for FISA warrants against Page, the Justice Department “provided additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that corroborated Steele’s reporting.”


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The public has not seen the corroborating information because it is hidden behind black redaction boxes in the memo.

The section claiming corroboration was initially touted heavily by Trump opponents. Jennifer Rubin, an anti-Trump conservative columnist at The Washington Post, wrote that “the prospect of ample corroboration of the dossier’s allegations (salacious or not) should be extremely troubling to the Trump team.”

But Democrats have said little over the past week about dossier corroboration, suggesting that there’s less to the claims of validation than their memo suggests.

And sources who have seen the unredacted version of the document tell The Daily Caller News Foundation that that’s exactly the case.

“There was nothing there that actually corroborated anything that was specifically said in the Steele dossier,” a source who has seen the memo told TheDCNF.

“There is no corroboration,” the source emphasized.

Sources who have seen the full memo were unable to discuss what was redacted because the information is classified. But one Republican lawmaker who viewed the document several weeks ago said they recall nothing that corroborates the dossier’s allegations about Page, an energy consultant who joined the Trump campaign in March 2016.

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