Why the Browsing History Bill is Worse than Other Anti-Privacy Acts

Donald Trump signed a bill that allows internet service providers (ISPs) to sell customers’ private browsing history—an unexpected blow to privacy rights and internet security. While most of Donald Trump’s actions with respect to national security (such as building a wall, limiting immigration from terrorist havens, deporting gang members, etc.), whether one supports them or not, provide clear ends to increase security, this move to allow the circulation of individuals’ private internet browsing data is a detriment to both privacy and security, including the collective security of the public. The only benefit is the revenue stream it provides to ISPs and, cause for great concern, the information it provides to the unknown benefactors of the data.

We’ve known for a long time that our data is vulnerable, so why is this worse than other actions the government and corporations have taken in recent decades to erode privacy?

Internet browsing history, in many ways, is the pinnacle of private data for people who use the internet frequently. Many people use the internet for banking, shopping, communicating intimately with others, and a host of other private activities. The internet is increasingly becoming the primary source of all sorts of information for more; this is like libraries selling a log of the books people check out—and so much more.

This highlights the importance of remaining vocal, critical, and objective—especially if you support President Trump.

Partisan politics and political loyalties must not impede our ability to move issues in the proper direction, especially concerning our Constitutional rights (including privacy) and national security. In recent days, alternative media giant Alex Jones has downplayed the significance of this move. Having won the election, it is critical that we do not delegate our civic responsibility to the Executive Branch for the next four years; elected officials work for the people, and the people must perpetually make their directives known.

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