Why John McCain Reminds me of Willie Mays…Not in a Good Way

John McCain should have retired a long time ago. In fact the senator from Arizona is beginning to remind me of Willie Mays. I am not however suggesting that McCain is to politics what Willie Mays was to baseball.

Like many great athletes, the man known as “The Say Hey Kid,” and IMHO the greatest player ever to put on a glove, Willie Mays hung on too long.

On offense Mays had no equal, he could hit for average, and power and was always a threat to steal a base.  And if Willie Mays didn’t spend two years serving his country in the Korean War, missing 266 games, Mays may have beaten Hank Aaron’s all time HR record (without steroids) of 755.  Mays ended up with 660.In his prime playing center field, Mays was like a vacuum cleaner, catching anything hit to the outfield with his unique basket style. But he didn’t just catch the ball, Willie Mays didn’t have a throwing arm, he had a canon. In the 1954 World Series Mays made what many consider the greatest world series catch ever made. Center field in the  Polo Grounds was larger than average , and Mays, who played a shallow center field, ran full speed and made an on-the-run, over-the-shoulder catch 440 feet out on the warning track to make the out. But that’s not even the Amazing part, even though he was running full speed the other way, Mays stopped on a dime, spun around and threw perfect strike to home plate.

"The Catch"

But in the middle of the 1972  season Mays was traded to the NY Mets, and despite the fact that he was 3-4 years past his prime Mays decided to return in 1973. In 1973-the best all-round baseball player ever to play the game (and he still is) was pathetic, floundering on the diamond looking mediocre at best, his bat was too slow to hit at a major league level, and he was a liability on the base paths. The Mets made the World Series in 1973, and as the baseball world saw what seemed to be an imposter, in the same game Mays badly mis-played two fly balls, on one of them he tripped and fell while trying to make a catch. Sure it happens but not to Mays.

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Like Mays, John McCain has stayed on much too lo…

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