Why Illegal Immigration Is Immoral & How It Harms America

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  —Abraham Lincoln


 The House Analogy

A country is very much like a household, and its citizens are like members of the family living inside it.  For members of the household to live in freedom, comfort, and safety, everyone must pitch in to help around the place.  Everybody must follow some rules of problem-solving, manners, and consideration.

If a guest is to eat dinner and spend the night with the family, then permission should be obtained first, with the understanding that the visit will last for a certain length of stay.  While spending time with the family, the guest agrees not to violate family rules.  If the stay is to be an especially long one, the visitor agrees to pitch in with the rest of the family in order to make a contribution.


The Uninvited

Illegal aliens are people who come into the country without formal permission to be here.  It is like someone breaking into your house.  Illegals who stay in the country are like stowaways in your garage or cellar.  If your family earns enough money, it might not be a major imposition if a soup can goes missing once a day, along with a couple of apples and a little bread.  You might eventually discover the stowaway and decide to continue to allow him to stay, since he has not made any major problems for you and has even agreed to do a little work around the house.


Caring for Your Own

If, however, you have a sick war veteran in your family who has medical needs that have to be tended, your budget might be stretched.  So, upon discovering the uninvited guest, you may have to insist that he leave after a time—or even right away.  A country that does not do this, but allows illegals to stay, will find it takes care of them at the expense of its own people.  For example, 300,000 veterans died while waiting for medical care from 2009 to 2015 because America chose to treat illegal aliens better than its own veterans, when it came to medical care.  Imagine a family that treats its guests better than it does its own members and the dysfunction that would create.


Family Meetings & Family Voting

Imagine the father of a family has started borrowing money to cover gambling debts.  The other family members object and call a family meeting for the upcoming weekend in order to intervene responsibly in the matter.  Before the weekend arrives, Dad invites homeless people to live with the family, deeming them members of the family by patriarchal decree, without putting it to a family vote, and providing them with their favorite foods and with new clothes.  When the family meeting finally takes place, the family’s newest members show up and vote for Dad to be allowed to continue with his borrowing and spending.  The other family members object to this, but they are accused by their father of being racist.

illegals voteIn America today, 14% of illegal aliens are registered to vote.  In California, this is even higher, due to California’s issuance of official driver licenses to help illegals more easily get themselves added to the voter rolls.  And many elections are decided by the electoral margins provided by illegal aliens wanting handouts from the government.  California has over a third of the welfare cases nationwide, because California liberals pay welfare benefits to the illegals for their votes.  But voter-ID laws will never pass in California, as long as this unholy alliance continues between non-citizen voters and California’s liberal government.  Conservatives who cry foul are labeled racist, to boot.


Family Culture

Imagine that the family members under discussion have a culture of solving problems with very little intervention from the head of the household.  Family members are all allowed to solve their problems with each other, with the most freedom possible, never involving a parent unless a problem is just unsolvable otherwise.  This means that everyone gets needs met with no threat that freedom will diminish.

But then the new members begin to assert themselves, claiming they have their rights and insisting they get their way without having to spend time doing chores or working out problems with anyone.  The older family members feel taken advantage of, but, because the new members vote on Dad’s side at family meetings, Dad always gives them what they want while excusing them from their chores.  In the meantime, the unentitled family members must do all the chores while receiving no special privileges and the same amount of food as the new members.  The unentitled do more and more and receive the same or less than those not contributing.

Six of ten illegal aliens in America receive government handouts, even though America has its own poor to care for and its own students to educate.  For the money spent on illegals, America could cut its national budget and lower business taxes to stimulate economic growth and add jobs for American workers—or other benefits could be realized.


A House Divided

A citizenry needs to be allowed to establish the rule of law in its own country and deserves to see its rules enforced.  Otherwise, those who never participated in creating the freedom traditions of that citizenry will vote those traditions out for the pay-off of free stuff and free money, at the expense of those whose traditions and culture they are voting to get rid of.  The citizens will resent the newcomers for breaking the budget; and the illegals will feel anger at the citizens for trying to control spending.  Once the economy finally fails due to government profligacy, all will come crashing down, ultimately proving that a house divided cannot stand.

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