Why Don’t Journalists Try to Understand Trump?

A reporter points out they don’t WANT to understand Trump or his millions of voters.

Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass confesses he doesn’t understand Trump and did not vote for him. But in response to the Paul Manafort trial, and liberal hopes that this will threaten Trump’s presidency, he wrote an editorial: “Media don’t want to understand Trump voters, all 63 million of them.

Kass is one of very few in the media who acknowledge that attacks on Trump (not just criticism, but degrading attacks) are also attacks on millions of American voters. Here’s some of what he wrote:

Mollie Hemingway, the conservative senior editor from The Federalist, asked a question on Twitter.

“At this point, I genuinely believe reporters/pundits truly don’t understand Donald Trump, his rhetoric, his administration, etc., and aren’t just pretending to be idiots,” Hemingway wrote. “But my question is why they continue to be paid to cover a man they clearly don’t understand in any way.”

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Mollie, they’re not idiots. They’re journalists, highly educated, adept at social media, Washington networking and social gatherings, a class that has deferred to the establishment for generations.

The jokes they tell at the White House correspondent’s dinner and the show tunes they sing in costume at the Gridiron Dinner for the amusement of the ruling class are testament to their deference.

They understand the game, as it was played at Versailles, as it is played in Washington. They also understand that peeling the skin off Donald Trump and trolling the almost 63 million Americans who voted for him, drives viewership and internet clicks.

Trump calls the Washington press corps “the enemy of the people” and “fake news,” and they hate him right back, calling him dangerous and stupid, and by doing so, they call his voters stupid, and worse.

All 63 million of them.


But Trump’s voters know what put him in the White House. It wasn’t merely that Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate. It was that Trump voters detested the crowd that backed her, loathed them; and those voters in turn were viewed as something to be stepped on, to be ridiculed for heresy.

By not wanting to understand them, I worry that journalism blinds itself to something very real, critical and, in the long term, dangerous in our nation: A simmering resentment against the establishment in much of red state America.

And it’s not going away even if Trump goes away.

Read the entire column.

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