Why Donald Trump is the Candidate We NEED

How much more needs to happen before we take the blinders off?  After reading an AP piece, Rattled Republicans Hunt For A Last-Ditch Strategy To Stop Trump, from the newly inquisitive liberal pen of Julie Pace, I fear for the direction of our election process.

Remember the media’s lack of coverage when Black Panther members intimidated voters in 2012 Philadelphia?  Contrast that with this conspiratorial headline in support of their threatened “establishment” brethren.  And just for good measure, add in the tabloid style bloviating over Governor Christie’s “thousand yard stare.”  

This anti-Trump call to arms effectively erased any remnants of the media’s “liberal” bias identity.  As such, as Obama’s time dwindles, newsroom angst is building with a fevered and unprincipled pace.  

I say this since we are now postulating about how Trump could desecrate our Constitutional foundations.  Are you kidding me?  After all other charges have faded, now its our Constitution that needs defending against an anticipated ruthless Trump Presidency?  This, after seven years of such  governing without any negative media commentary?  Conversely, now mainstream pundits are attempting to link Trump to Obama policies, which is a favored trick from the progressive’s playbook.  Wreck havoc, and then assign responsibility and blame to the opponent when public scrutiny intensifies.  

This need for “a last-ditch strategy” is against what?  As mentioned, if Trump represents such a dire Constitutional threat, where was this concern during the last seven years, and before?  Just what reference or implied future Trump action riveted up this “strategy” need?  

TrumpWas it his proper Constitutional “anchor baby” exception, and if so, what does that really reflect upon? Estimates already abound as to just when “white” America will not be in the majority.  This stems from when Ted Kennedy engineered a revamping of our Immigration Laws back in 1965.

Or maybe it was Trump’s never ending border pledge, which in itself may not even have been focused upon without a Trump candidacy.  And of course, he is right when saying that “without borders, there is no country.”

Also, Trump’s Constitutional defense of being “natural born citizen” has garnered huge speculation in that only the location, not one’s parentage, has been the topic.  And I might add, with hardly any mention of Rubio.  How is that?

Still, I wonder as to what is so threatening from a possible Trump nomination? Or could the defense of our Constitutional order be but a ruse to what is more precious?  

Headlines are meant to influence, pure and simple.  So, given this media rejuvenation for Republican dissecting, what is it that binds together this progressive press and the Republican RINO element to a rather subdued Democratic contingency?  Talk about conspiratorial! 

When considering our recent tendency for the judicial trashing of any one particular Constitutional mandate, in preference for aligning with these modern day feel goods or various socialistic doctrines, in all probability, this Constitutional defense is just a convenient sham.   

What has been at stake is this trampling upon everything that sings of Americanism — from our traditional values, to our Blessed heritage and even to our every day societal order.  In short, what we have here, so far, is a quiet revolution for the hearts and minds of free Americans.  This happens to be the chosen curriculum in today’s world of academia.  I might also add, that this regimen has formed the bulk of Obama and now Sanders’ mindless support, while being energized from America’s progressive journalists.   

And finally, isn’t this “last ditch” reference just a bit insulting?  Not only to Trump supporters but to all Americans who cherish the freedoms and individual rights which our Founders acknowledged and laid forth?  Shouldn’t all Americans take umbrage with such deviousness?  To “stop Trump,” by calling for some needful “strategy,” seems antithetical to the voice of “we the people.”  

If forming “a more perfect union” is still the design, then it must come from the American citizen, today’s voter and not from these hidden backroom strategists and nameless powerbrokers.

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