Why Does Modern America LOVE Communist Politicians?



America is having a love affair with communist politicians.

Bernie Sanders is on cross country skis

Taxing ninety per cent of the maple syrup that is drawn

From Vermont trees.


He looks like an aged hippy who smoked too much pot,

Pretending it was medicinal.


I suppose that he was inspired by Big Bird de Blasio

Who backed the Sandinista’s

Because he believed that the wave of the future

Was the garbage of a fair share of unfair sharing.


De Blasio liked Hugo Chavez

Because he was the dictator that he wanted to be.


He spent his honeymoon in Cuba

Because the food and hotels were cheap.

His wife had the style of a style that didn’t exist.


The cops hate him because he creates a mood of cop killing.

The rich hate him because he is a poor leader.

The poor hate him because he exacerbates urban violence.


He watches little girls get shot and makes it tough

For the cops to protect them.


To de Blasio “Black Lives Matter” if you’re not a woman,

A child, a senior or a good citizen.


He promotes illegal urban guns while he bans legal weapons.

He is backing Hillary Clinton because he is a good old party  boy

And because she is moving more to the left

And will meet him somewhere in unreal Utopia.



Democrats  are soft on crime because they know that

Their own politics are criminal.

They forget about the bread lines in the USSR and

Stalin’s mock trials.


De Blasio praises progressives while he walks us backwards

To the days of Dinkins’ windshield washers.


Spare me from politicians who promise the moon

And deliver a pants-down ass through a car window.

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