Why do Liberals Hate Women who Work for Fox News?

Kirsten Powers is a liberal Democrat with an important voice in the media. In fact, some might say (and we think rightly so) that she is one of the most important liberal voices on cable news today. Powers has a unique opportunity at Fox News, where the viewers are mostly center-right, to offer an unvarnished liberal perspective to a captive conservative audience. I believe she recognizes this and has crafted her message accordingly, using her intelligent and winsome personality. This could explain how Powers, as a liberal, remains popular on the conservative network.

So why does it seem like liberals across the country despise her so vehemently, when they should be supporting and encouraging her to continue trying to win converts from Fox News?

I have an opinion on this. It’s because Powers is a traditional liberal who opposes the insidious fascism that has infected the modern American left. All too often today liberals argue that the “ends justify the mean” in their many political battles – from Obamacare to gay marriage to amnesty of illegal immigrants. Today’s American liberal uses the coercive force of the government to impose their will on the American public – even when the majority of citizens disagree. This is not a “liberal” attitude… it’s a fascist one. Powers has generally opposed such methods, even as she agrees with the outcomes, and that has made her anathema to most on the left.

In a recent op-ed for Fox News she continues to goad the “not so liberal” liberals with a scathing piece that takes liberals to task for their disgusting war on the women of Fox News. It’s a must read piece with wonderful insights that the mainstream media really should take to heart. In her article, she exposes the hypocrisy of the media left and their contempt for Fox News, which has become so pervasive and evident that the media has blinded themselves to their blatant misogyny.

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One of the worst aspects of the illiberal left is its heinous sexism against women with whom they disagree.

Megyn Kelly, a former lawyer, is a serious and highly successful television journalist. When her contract was up for renewal in 2013, the New York Times reported that both CNN and NBC wanted to hire her away from Fox, a strange thing to desire if Fox News is not a “legitimate” news outlet.

But to the illiberal left, Megyn Kelly is not a reporter or a commentator or a woman to be respected for her achievements. She is a Fox “babe” to be characterized by her looks.

So pervasive is the smear that all the female commentators and anchors on Fox are dumb blonde chicks that it was actually fact-checked by Politi-Fact. That’s not a joke. They analyzed the female hosts’ and anchors’ hair color and found the assertion “mostly false,” because Fox had its fair share of black-haired and brunette women.

What might have been more elevating was recognizing the achievements of Fox News’ female anchors, reporters, and commentators. Mentioning for instance that Gretchen Carlson is an Emmy Award–winning reporter who used to work for CBS, or that Kimberly Guilfoyle of “The Five” is a former assistant district attorney, or that Jeanine Pirro is a former judge and district attorney. But acknowledging the talent and achievements of the people who work at Fox News contradicts the illiberal left’s propaganda that Fox News is somehow illegitimate. It is only “illegitimate” because the illiberal left wants to silence dissent and seeks to do so not through besting its opponents in argument and debate but through the lowest form of scurrilous sexism or simple refusal to tolerate other points of view.



Read her entire Article on the Left’s War on Women at Fox News

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